Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Power of Influence Marketing to Make Strong Online Impact

In marketing there is a most popular belief, saying: “It’s not about what you know, but who you know.” It explains that if you want to get things done, you have to create a human relationship.

It is people who connect you with others, flow your thoughts through the audiences with similar interests, influence other persons and make them believe in your product or service.  
Let me ask you a very simple question. If you search something on the internet, how far will you go, I mean with results?

I think you would end up with the top 4 or 5 results, you would hardly give a check on the next millions of results. So how will you be in those top 5?

Many factors come into consideration to rank a website on top results and superior content plays an important role in it. But, unless people reach out to your content, it will get you nowhere.

And this is where the trump card of online marketing, ‘Influencer Marketing’ comes into play.  

What is Influence Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is basically a process of identifying, engaging and developing relationships with people who have a sway over which service or product others will buy.

Such people are referred as Influencers and these influencers can actually help your brand in creating a strong online impact by generating online conversations.

Influencers can be identified by various facts, but most importantly by their area of expertise. Marketing through this way is similar to word-of-mouth marketing.

In this, you market your product or service to the influencers and then their sway will stimulate their followers or fans to buy into your product or service.

This type of marketing highly depends on having something great to offer to your potential customers. It also depends on the audience of the influencer and your relation with the influencer.    

What experts say about Influencer Marketing

Kunal Muzumdar, Managing Director at digital marketing agency POSSIBLE  -
“Power is not just in reach; it's in influence.” He added, “Don't just look at influencers as a media channel, spend the time to get to know them; make sure they're a fit for your brand. Sometimes, it's like marketers are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Make sure they are a true fit.”

Jann Schwarz, global agency partner lead at LinkedIn, believes in developing relationships with the individuals rather than celebrity endorsements. He said, “There are no Kardashians promoting our platform.” He also explained, “It's more about connecting influential professionals. We're here to speak out for the 99 percent of companies that will never be considered cool.”

Influence for a brand, product or service can be created by celebrity endorsement or by advertisers or by glowing post from influential bloggers. And the last one is highly trending in the market as it sounds more genuine and authentic.

Importance of Influencers for a Brand in Today’s
Digital Marketing

Here we bring you some solid reasons why shaking hands with influencers can really be beneficial for your brand:

Influencers got an audience

Think about the audience you are after. Where will you promote your brand? Who is your targeting audience? Are they really interested in your product or service?

All these questions need not be answered if you find a relevant influencer. Influencers often have a larger following than yours. A right influencer can eliminate finding of a particular audience step.        

Influencers are Genuine

It is no different then someone (your friend or whom you trust) recommends you a product or service. You’ll appreciate and exercise their recommendation simply because you believe in their judgment.

Same goes with the Influencers, they have a following because their audience appreciates the authenticity. People love to hear from a person they follow or believe in, more than by the brand itself. This is why audiences approach a community or a group where they feel related.      

Influencers follow Word-of-Mouth marketing

According to a survey done by Nielsen, 92% of the consumers say that they believe in word-of-mouth and recommendations from their friends and families more than advertisers. Influencers already have a very large following as their followers trust their viewpoint.

In today's social web, an influencer can make a strong online impact of your brand via following ways:

  • They can write a shining post/article about your brand, product or service.
  • They can share information about your brand on their social media accounts.
  • They can ask you, or permit you, to guest post on their site.

Influencers can prompt action

Whenever we are hanging around social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and see those annoying ads from different marketing firms, we quickly rush to the close icon.
But when we see our favorite celebrities showing off a product, we definitely give it a check. Chances will be even higher if there is any promo code or discount attached with it.

Such impression usually encourages people to check the brand’s website at least once and most often converts the visitor into a buyer.

According to CollectiveBias - 70 percent between 18 and 34 year-olds have a higher preference for “peer” endorsements.

Influencers can be an easy way for trying different platforms  

Influencers can not only bring an already set up following to your brand, they can also promote your brand onto new platforms.

Let’s take an example, if an influencer has sway over a good number of people on Facebook, he can also transition your brand into using new platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.

Influence marketing is not traditional one though, the way it’s being used today, one can see how this could be a new standard in online or digital marketing.

Setting up a communication or building a relationship is easier than it has ever been. You can easily get started with social media platforms or blog conversations. Remember, personal interactions still have solid impressions.    

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