Friday, 8 November 2019


DiSC (Deven Industrial Solutions Customizer) is one of the most widely recognized tools in our Enterprise Software Solutions package. DiSC is a framework/library which contains a collection of several forms, reports, modules which are applicable but not limited to Administration, Customer Management, Employee Management and Material Management.
DiSC Framework can be applicable to a wide array of industries such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Agriculture, Medicine and much more. For example, DiSC solutions assist manufacturers in distressing and tedious areas like Production Tracking, Inventory Management, Invoicing, Billing, Quotation Management, Task Management, Machine Maintenance Scheduling.
DiSC can simultaneously support multiple companies and manage various masters like raw material, finished goods, suppliers, customers, employees, and vendors. All of DiSC’s solutions are Cloud Based allowing you to work from anywhere, minimize overhead and infrastructure costs, minimize risk and increase productivity. In terms of upgrading your enterprise software by utilizing efficient, effective, cloud based and customised solutions, DiSC is unparalleled.
Coupled with reliable customer service and cost-effectiveness, we offer the following services to help your organization achieve excellence and be an industry leader.
1) Enterprise Solutions – We offer customized solutions through our Deven Industrial Solution Customizer (DiSC) framework, which is applicable to companies of all sizes in all sectors. We provide cloud-based readily deployable yet customizable products like ERP, CRM, DWM, TPM, eDoc Store & Easy Build, allowing unparalleled accessibility, minimized overhead and infrastructure costs, minimized risk and increased productivity.
2) Digital Business – Innovation and Transformation are two sides of the same digital coin. Our digital services include website and portal developments and digital marketing. Our website development possesses values like world-class graphics, cosmic integrations, and exceptional responsiveness. To enhance the visibility and reach of your website, we also offer SEO, Google AdWords, SMM, SMO & Email Marketing services, enabling your organization’s digital marketing.
3) Mobile App Service – We offer lightweight, high-performing, reliable, innovative & workflow-driven mobile app designs with the ability to meet your specific requirements. Be it in Android, iOS or Windows we develop customized applications with a technology toolkit including Phone Gap, Iconic, Cordova, Native etc.
4) Start-up Technology Partner – We at Deven transform your ideas into reality. We offer a team of leaders with a high level of experience in both industry and management of start-ups. Our way of work includes Non-DiSClose Agreements (NDA) which help maintain the trust & transparency between the organisation & clients. We advise entrepreneurs strategically both commercially and organizationally, e.g. helping them understand and adopt agile methodologies. We are capable enough to offer a wide range of technological services to suit the needs of the start-ups and coupled with reliable and regular customer service and mentoring from the Tech and Management team, we are a value-adding technology partner for any entrepreneur.
5) IT Strategy –Strategy is just a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan & etching out steps to putting it into action. We at Deven InfoTech provide a start-to-end solution for organisations which are already established or are in the process of establishment. The strategy planning involves understanding the current workflow, finding loopholes and inefficiencies, and exploring untouched opportunities for higher efficiency, innovation, and growth. Our team of expertise then provide a set of IT solutions for the organisations to streamline their processes, improve their productivity, and take the next step towards their long-term plan.
6) Information Security – Deven InfoTech provides end-to-end Identity and Access Management (IAM) services, ranging from consultation, architecture, implementation and managing services. Our solution addresses the IAM challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments making it a crucial business enabler. Implementing our IAM solutions enables organizations to efficiently manage identities, provides the right level of access for employees, vendors, and customers to ensure seamless service delivery. It also improves operational efficiency, visibility into user access, and protect an enterprise against cyber-attacks.

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