Monday, 11 November 2019

Optimizing YouTube videos to rank higher on Search Engines

Youtube SEO Complete Guide

YouTube is the second largest search engine. With 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube by 1 billion unique users it is now synonymous with video content. Another interesting fact: Mobile makes up for 40% of the total watch time.
Having convinced you that this is a platform that you must consider for your business, let us discuss what is necessary to ensure that users get to see your video and connect with it i.e. optimizing youtube videos to rank higher on Search Engines.

Engaging Video Content
The most important thing is the content that you are pushing live. Marketers need to understand that the people from the age group 18 – 34 forms 67% of the total viewership.
Therefore, it is essential that the video is interesting and starts a conversation – much different than the content on television where your brand has to be shown to as many people as possible.  Please don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of interesting content on the television. However, given the age group the content on YouTube has to be conversational, you have to start a conversation and the content must entice people to share it with their friends via word of mouth or via social media.
There are also some SEO factors that you must lay specific attention to. They are as follows:

TITLE: You would want a TITLE that is enticing and also has the right proportion of keywords. The length of the TITLE must be 50-55 characters. The keywords must also have the theme of keywords that must be covered via the TITLE.
Description: This can be a description of 150-200 characters to describe what the video is all about. Please ensure that the theme that was targeted in the TITLE is also optimized here. You can also target long tail keywords in the blog.
Keywords: Try to target 10-12 keywords for the video. One must cover the keyword theme that we discussed earlier. You can also use this as an avenue to target plurals and long tail keywords. It is via testing that we have found out that these are still ranking factors for search engines.
Transcript: Having a video transcript is beneficial if you are embedding the video on your website or elsewhere. Since Search Engines cannot crawl video content, accompanying a video with its transcript serves the purpose of giving added meaning to the video!
 Social Links: While you must add a subscribe link to the YouTube channel, you must also add links to other social media platforms as well.
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