Tuesday, 5 November 2019

One Step to Business Success (Cloud Telephony)

One constant bothering thought is to have your business run successfully. For this you need to first incorporate some changes in your methodologies you adopt to do business. Often the simplest changes can help you succeed in business.
You should have the best business model and honest customer-oriented practices. Then you need to scale up the business incorporating the latest concept available in the market such as cloud telephony.

Know Your Customers

It is essential to know the customer. Who they are and from where they are coming from. This gives you a clear understanding of customer and clarity of ways to approach them. They put you in control: an essential ingredient to succeed.
Successful businesses always seek to understand how customers find out about them. The process is simple. You simply ask each customer. Make it part of your business culture to know.

One Step to be Sure to Business Success

Cloud telephony is the answer to you. Cloud telephony solution has no territorial barrier of space and time. Now you can establish offices at far off places based on the demand of your business and customers and manage business operations with cloud-enabled PBX Business Phone System that keeps everyone glued.

You are supposed to select suitable features for your need and just pay less or more as per your uses. As it is subscribed on monthly or annual basis mode. Thus relieving you from the worry of an extra investment.

In this digital era, businesses all over the world, regardless of its size are switching to Cloud Telephony. Cloud Telephony offers a wide range of benefits in one place,  that could meet the growing demands and needs of businesses.
With the commencement of cloud telephony, our old telephone has now moved a level up to cloud services. The direct benefits of cloud telephony are experienced by businesses that no longer have to install large pieces of hardware.
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Businesses now have responsible voice workflows and phones without the hassle of unending wires and complications. Cloud telephony is a service that transforms your business phone to a company phone system that is entirely based on cloud, thus easing much of your task.

It replaces phone systems like PBX, EPBAX and is pretty simple for everyone to understand. It has eased the process of hanging up, disconnecting, transferring, playing an audio file and forwarding of call understandable and less baffled

According to a market research, more than 50 percent of the information technology will be stored on cloud within the next five to ten years.

So, cloud telephony is not just making its way in the domestic markets but is also a huge hit for businesses globally.

The same research also suggests that places like China, Korea, Hong-Kong, Brazil, Russia, and India are expected to have significant implications of cloud telephony in the coming years.

Without any doubt, we can say that Cloud Telephony is swiftly growing and taking the market by storm. Let us dwell on five beneficial aspects of Cloud Telephony.

Cloud technology (cloud telephony) provides Business Phone Service and being instantaneous and cost effective, is highly responsive. The service also remains available to the end users when they want and where they want.

Thus, staffs and departments can have real time access to business critical information that they need to increase customer acquisition and improve customer experience. It creates and facilitates a friendly platform to manage the volume of calls required to keep different departments operational at the same time.
Now with the opening trend of  Cloud based Center services have inspired businesses to set up their own call centers or contact centers to help their customers. These are cost effective and hence their affordability is very high.

1. Business Management with CRM Integration

Today’s cloud phone services can easily sync with on-premise or cloud-based CRM solution. Thus, businesses can efficiently serve to their calls. They don’t have to think of acquiring different hardware or software tools to route calls, forward calls, queue them further to ensure speedy resolution. Agents can get the right information at the right time.
So, as a small business, you will never look to lose a single customer. Integration and deployment services are available with most leading vendors.

2. Easy adaption

The business is investment safe with cloud telephony in a sense that it is a real time investment. No need to invest today for tomorrow business. Any new solution for business is scalable and can be used in the new expanded environment.
Hence any new modern system is efficiently scalable and suit your future strategies to meet any future growth in an organization. Add new users, Complement with auto attendants to the system etc.

3. Continuously updated

As cloud telephony is a future safe technology, hosting your communication in the cloud always keeps your service relevant. With a quality hosted solution, every new innovation in technology will be updated on your respective communication system.
Thus by moving your communication system onto the cloud you are in control and face the digital world more confidently.

4. Flexible working policy

Flexible Working Policy or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now popular in businesses now. BYOD allows employees to bring their own devices for work. The flexible working facilitates employees to work despite a fixed time and place.
A hosted communication platform provides these policies. Having all the systems and data secured in the cloud enhance the process. Users can make calls from anywhere while displaying the office number and thereby benefit from the live analytics, call recording and reporting.
In case if any employee is on leave, you can disable their access from the control panel easily.

5. Cost effectiveness

We see that easy affordability at reduced and reasonable cost help you provide services without compromising on quality. The phone calls are free at a monthly fixed rate which is quite affordable and frees you from the burden of increasing cost. You do not need to maintain your own telephone facilities like ISDN/PSTN etc..
Gradually all modern businesses are switching on to Cloud Telephony for its benefit and advantages. This technology is also future compliant. So, your business remains competitive and cost effective in the market saving accruing out of Cloud Telephony.
This is the only cost effective and advantageous communication systems to keep your flock of customer together and glued to your businesses.
Cloud telephony can help you reach out to your customers in many ways.  It can also extend it utilities by letting you increase your customer satisfaction levels.
Key Performance Indicators such as customer acquisition channels are essential to understanding and grow your business. Successful businesses spend most of their time planning strategies rather than focusing on other issues, and cloud telephony helps you do that.   

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