Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ok Google! Book My Appointment at the Salon

We are getting lazier with the technological updates. Isn’t? Who else feels the same? Whenever I speak to my Grandpa he remembers literally everything including the dates – “In 1979, March 2nd I sat under a Banyan tree and waited for your grandma for 2 hours 29 minutes.” Woah! What are you? A living diary? Today we don’t even remember our boyfriend’s phone number. We don’t remember things, nor we note it down because Siri and Ok Google does it for us! But no blame for the technology Pros, you guys are doing the best for this generation. Everything is quicker, faster, easier and some inventions are just jaw-dropping!
The Google Assistant has been doing a tremendous job and the advertisements are just so interesting.
Well, everyone out there without Siri has found their new partner – The Google Assistant. Need a help? Want to ask any questions? Want to set a reminder? For everything just download the Google Assistant.
Recently Google dropped in the unbelievable demo of Google Assistant making a call to the salon and booking an appointment. OMG! That was crazy and so fun to hear Google Assistant convincing the salon person for the appointment.” Marvelous job Mr. CEO! My heart was in my mouth when I witnessed a digital AI helper could sound so natural that the person on the other side couldn’t even figure out. And that Mmmhhh at the end was so adorable. I’m proud of you, India loves you.”
He quoted saying “The amazing thing is that Assistant can actually understand the nuances of conversation. We’ve been working on this technology for many years. It’s called Google Duplex.” Well, it’s still-under-construction and testing. It will not only make calls to a salon but book your reservations at the restaurants, holiday hours and a lot more. It doesn’t only make calls and book your appointments but tasks on its own and informs you. It is self-monitoring, no human interference necessary and is smart!
We will surely have to wait for the things to roll out for us. But I am sure it’s going to make the busy lives easier and interesting. Can’t wait to use it! Tada!

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