Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Now Create Your Own Gifs – Facebook.

To keep your interest growing, Facebook is coming up with so many new features. Gifs are taking over the memes images. Here is a mandatory introduction about our today’s topic. What exactly are GIFs? Graphics Interchange Format are image files that are compressed to reduce time. They are basically image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into single file. Nothing is surprising when we say GIFs are quite popular now. That’s why Facebook has bought this new feature to create their own GIF users.
Facebook really wants you to use GIFs inside Messenger. They newly released a series of GIF apps from third-parties which work inside Messenger — as part of its Messenger platform initiative — but it is now going beyond that with a series of pilots that bring GIFs right into Messenger without those apps. Presently they have started with IOS phones, and with success they will implement it further. Users can access the feature in the app’s camera mode, where they have the choice between a “normal” or “GIF” tab at the top of the screen. The GIF function will also offer access to Facebook’s wide range of effects (such as augmented reality masks and animations) and filters that were already available in the normal camera function.
“GIFs have seen success as a rich media format within Messenger. With this feature, we’re testing various ways to make it even easier to send great content — like GIFs — with just a few taps.” Said the Facebook spokesperson. Let’s see how this function rolls out.
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