Saturday, 23 November 2019

Not Just Pictures, Now You Can Share Your Favourite Songs Too!

Woah! Instagram is bombarding us with its new updates. The explore page will have a new dress up i.e. a new look, the comments will be filtered as the anti-bullying update, you can create your own filters, etc. etc. But what’s exciting and the best among all? Let me reveal the latest Instagram update. Oops! I already revealed it, the title itself says it all. Now you can share your favorite songs to Instagram. How? I will explain you.
Until now you posted the screenshot of your favourite song or recorded while it was playing the car or the club. That’s great but could have been better. While you share the screenshot the user cannot hear the music, while you record the quality is not at par. Therefore, the user experience is okish. But the new update is going give the users the ultimate experience of sharing their favourite song via Spotify! The best part it is not restricted to Instagram, you can also share your music to Facebook Stories too. Surprise!! Wo ho!
So, all you have to do is while you are listening to a song on Spotify, you can share the song, album or playlist to the Instagram story through tapping on the “share” button. Instagram will automatically give you a sticker of the song you are listening to and then you can edit it like usual. What’s more interesting is this particular sticker will have a deep link redirecting to Spotify. For the ones who don’t know what is “deep link” – It is a platform that drives URLs to content within the mobile applications. Getting back to the update, so the sticker is a deep link to Spotify letting you listen to new songs through your Instagram Stories. Again! It’s not just restricted to Spotify; users can also share their footages from their latest GoPro. Instagram is just like boys, full of surprises and shocks 😛 No offense.
Well, if we are able to share through Spotify and GoPro then I am pretty expecting for many other apps too. Imagine, sharing your favourite episode sticker of Stranger Things via Netflix or the blast information via a news application. The possibilities are endless and so are my expectations be it boys or social media. Tadaa.. get ready to share your song soon and stop taking screenshots!!

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