Saturday, 23 November 2019

Mother’s Day with Facebook!

An occasion to shower more love and update more statuses, images, snaps for and with mothers. We are living a life where our moms are much active on every social media app than we are. I remember once my mom shared a post and tagged on her wall on Facebook and guess what the video was about? “How to overcome break-up?” “Like seriously? Mom, you got to be kidding” actually she just cares too much for me.
Well, well, well. Facebook cares a lot too. Almost every company had their plan for Mother’s Day, a nice campaign, well-targeted audience and increased sales. From a jeweler to a shampoo seller everyone knows how to take advantage of Mother’s Day to increase your sales. I did for my clients too, did you? If not hurry up!
So, Facebook was obliged to customize itself as per Mother’s Day. Wondering Why? Let me tell you, wait. Let the reports tell you. As per the reports last year, Mother’s Day conversations drove more posts than any other topic in a single day. About 65 million Mother’s Day related posts in the United States alone. Woho! Therefore, this year they came up with exciting tools, frames, filters, messenger stickers, etc. all new and exclusive for Mother’s Day. More ways to wish and show love to all the moms out there.
As usual, you will get the notification about the same through your feeds, where you can choose your way to pay tribute to your mom. There are various options like mentioned above, the frames, or the lens and so on…
So go ahead, choose your way and make your mom feel special. If you haven’t thought of anything. Go google it, check your feed on Instagram or Pinterest, ask your friends. And don’t forget to try the new Facebook tools. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Single Dads & not to forget the Best Friends who act like mothers. Tada! I got to plan something for my mom too.

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