Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Mistakes You Make While Running Ads On Facebook.

Running ads on Facebook is very common now. Everybody tells you the things that happen when you run paid ads on Facebook, the benefits, the reach, likes, revenue, etc. But are you aware of your mistakes?
Do you run the ads correctly? What is lacking? I will tell you today the frequently done mistakes which can cost you a lot. Here are some common mistakes.
  • You don’t know what your goal What exactly you want?
    You should know the objective for your brand, whether you want page likes, Post Engagement, Website clicks, etc. If You miss out to set your objective, you gonna miss out everything.
  • Do you really know your target audience?
    If you are selling lipsticks and targeting guys, it’s not going to work buddy. Your Target audience must be specific, not too broad, nor irrelevant.
  • Did You miss out your CTA?
    What is the end aim of running ads? To grab the audience to your page, website, buy product, etc. It is quite important to highlight your call to action button; it plays the role of getting your audience to you. If you miss out on using the CTA in right manner, there is no way you bring your audience.
  • Too Much Text in your ad.
    Tell me this happened with you. You put in all your efforts with your creative team and come up with an amazing image, and while you upload to run ads, Facebook simply rejects it. More Text will suffer to diminished distribution. So Save Time and Text to Flourish more.
  • You forget to optimize your image size as per Facebook.
    Right Size, Right Image, Right Reach, otherwise only Rejection. Before making a creative make sure you check with the size, Different ad has different size.
  • Did you set the wrong Budget?
    Wrong budget will lead to unsatisfactory results, choose wisely how much you want to spend on what type of ad. If you running different types of ads, make sure you divide your budget accordingly. You will be bankrupt before you reach your goal, if you don’t make proper use of your budget.
Too many ads in one ad set.
If you do this Facebook may only show the ad which runs the best. It doesn’t really give you any control over how much each ad in the ad set is shown to people.
These, were some often repeated mistakes done while running ads. Make sure next time you don’t repeat them and run your ads smartly to get better results.
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