Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Mistakes to Avoid in PPC Ads to Save Your Money

Google introduced Pay Per Click (PPC) ads in the late 1990s as a means of low budget advertising for small businesses.
But thanks to Google’s skyrocketing popularity and reach, PPC ads have become expensive.
Every day there are more companies bidding over the same keywords that are significant for your business. As the number of bidders increases, so does the cost of every ad, said a digital marketing company in Pune.
It is important as a company for you to strategize and optimize your ad spend. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the tiny details that may be costing you extra money.
As a non-digital marketing expert who has ventured into the Google Ads arena, you may be committing some common mistakes when it comes to PPC.
Let’s take a look at some common mistakes in PPC advertising.
  • Bidding for the highest spot
Your first reaction to this header is probably, “how can bidding for the number one spot be wrong?”.
But the thing is when you put in bids for the first spot on the SERPs (Search Engines Results Page) you shell out a lot more money PPC and may not be rewarded with the optimum CTR (Click Through Rate).
When bidding in Google Ads, aim for the second or third spot, this will cost a lot less and your budget will last longer.
This strategy according to a digital marketing agency in Pune, will help you increase your ad campaign duration and thus reach more people.
  • Not utilizing geotargeting
Your company could be local, national or even global, it is vital that you use geo-targeting properly.
Consumers are psychologically inclined towards products or services that are physically close to them. Geo-targeting will allow you to penetrate new markets with ease.
Another obvious benefit of geo-targeting is increasing footfall and inquiries to your physical store, reveals research done by a digital marketing service in Pune. 
  • Not creating an engaging landing page
This mistake looks very silly, but in reality, has been committed by even the smartest of marketers.
The landing page is an essential element in the online transaction cycle.
If your PPC ads have a high bounce rate, then it means you are paying for leads but without creating the perfect infrastructure to convert them.
Thus, according to a digital marketing company in Pune, one must first build a good quality landing page and then create the ad campaign.
A great landing page ensures that potential customers will react favorably to the call to action.
  • Using broad match keywords for your PPC ads
Broad match keywords work wonders in campaigns for brand awareness and reach or website traffic.
But if you are creating a campaign for direct conversion goals then it is wise to avoid broad match keywords, according to a digital marketing service in Pune.
Broad match keywords are generated from user queries where the user is most likely looking for information or knowledge but may not be in the market for purchasing the products or services immediately.
A better strategy told to us by a digital marketing agency in Pune was to aim for phrase match, exact match or broad match modified keywords.
These give better results in a PPC ad scenario.
  • Not trying different ads for the same campaign
One ad cannot universally appeal to all of your target audience.
Different people have different sensibilities and therefore need to be given your message in different ways.
When creating a campaign try a variety of ads before settling for one or two which have hit the mark.
Create ads with different headlines, different call to actions and different body text.
A digital marketing company in Pune noted that Google has an option of “Optimise Ad” which means the moment the Google algorithm concludes which ad works best it will display only that ad.
Think about whether you want the algorithm to take a call on the ads or do you want to take first analyze and then decide which ads to keep.
If so, then choose the option “Do Not Optimise”. By doing this the ads will be rotated evenly and you can collect data on their performance.
  • Not using all the available ad extensions
Google has a total of six manual Ad extensions available. As an advertiser on the Google ads network, it is your right to utilize all of these extensions to the fullest.
A digital marketing agency in Pune said that most advertisers fill out only 2-3 of these extensions.
It is important that you type in on all the extensions. Because every extension type is a response to a search query.
Some might be location-based, some might be about phone calls, while some may need website addresses.
Use every one of these to reach your target audience.
  • Spending on fraud search networks
When you advertise on Google you have the option of advertising on its affiliate networks as well.
Generally, everyone opts for the affiliate networks along with Google. But some of these networks are not even functioning in reality.
They are a type of cyber frauds and your money spent on PPC ads on these networks is an absolute waste.
So, please be careful of the networks that you are adding to your ad campaign concludes a digital marketing service in Pune or do not opt for affiliate partners and stick to Google SERPs.
  • Ignoring your own brand name
If your company is a well-known brand and users routinely type in your brand name during search queries, then ensure that you bid for your own brand name.
This suggestion may sound absurd, but a lot of competitors will try to gain traction by bidding on your brand name as an exact match keyword.
This tactic, revealed a digital marketing company in Pune, helps the competitors in gaining new customers who would have otherwise gone towards you.
Therefore, be proactive and bid on your own brand name. This will ensure that your website is the first result the audience whether through ads or organically.
Google ads is a user-friendly tool for advertisers, but there are still a lot of nuances to it, that one can learn through experience and yes, reading!
A digital marketing agency in Pune believes that Google ads if utilized properly can bring in bumper ROI for every rupee spent on the ad campaign.

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