Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Missed Call Service: Impressive Results within Few Minutes

When customers are trying to reach you to enquire your product or service, the message saying “all lines are currently busy….please stay on the line” or the “beep beep beep…” tone can really be the most annoying part that might even end up your relation with them.

We live in a generation where instant gratification and limited patience are highly admired. And if you can’t deliver immediate attention to your potential customers, they simply move on the next one.

So, asking for a simple miss call to those who want to reach you and return to them with the quick response would work thousand times better. Today, the role of missed calls is beyond mere personal communications.

Organisations of every scale are embracing Missed Call Service to better engage with their customer as it is the foremost cost-effective way to reach out to their target audience and provide instant assistance. It comes at first when you need to assist your audience who does not have any online connection.
At first, it may sound strange to you that how a simple miss call can be used for marketing or promoting a brand, but after going through this complete guide, you definitely going to call one for your business.

What is Missed Call Alert Service


Missed Call Service/Alert is an automated online application which notifies you if anyone reached on your dedicated mobile/landline/toll-free number.

Missed call marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to offer your service to your customers without costing them a single penny. A missed call to your dedicated number can be responded either by SMS alert against the information requested or by calling back to the same number.

One industry that is widely using the missed call alert services is branding for retail firms, with the banking sector following closely. Retail firms prefer to count user response of their ad campaigns via number of missed calls they receive.

On the other hand, the banking sector has done outstanding with the missed call service. If you want to know your banking details like account balance, mini statement, last transactions or other info, just give a missed call to the specific number, and you’ll get a quick response via SMS.

How It Works?

When a user calls on your dedicated number, your missed call service provider will automatically reject the call after one or two rings and will send a real-time notification to your server along with the call details like call number, time, location, operator and etc. Once you get the info, you can reach back to the person.  

Missed Call Service Applications

People usually don’t go for the paid services if they have option to get the same assist at no cost. Since missed call service costs nothing to users, it has more chances to build up a strong user base for your business.

Missed Call Service is an effective solution to engage with the target audience in many businesses depending on your requirements.

Below mentioned are the few key areas where missed call service has been proved not just cost saving but the less time-consuming way:

  • Mobile Number Verification - Forget the old fashioned way of verifying a user’s contact number via lengthy forms or messages, simply ask for a missed call from the registered mobile number. It also saves your cost of outgoing messages, as your server sends you a real-time notification when someone reached you on your dedicated number.

  • Sales & Support - It is not always feasible for the organizations to assist their customers right at the moment they called. You can ask them to hold for an uncertain period of time, but that can actually annoy the customers. Instead, the organization can provide a missed call number and dedicate it to the customers or clients which have queries regarding the product or service. Once an individual, makes use of the missed call number given by the organization, the technical staff can revert back with fully fortified assistance.

  • Lead Generation - Another good chance to create a solid user base of potential customers without spending money is through missed calls. Lead generation is a popular online marketing term used to define the generation of consumer interest into a product or service. It works brilliantly in the case of users who do not have online access or smart phone. A simple phone is the only way to reach out to them.
So, never miss a chance to generate a new lead by connecting new customers who are interested in your product or service. Always add your Missed Call Service Number with your brand’s ads and keep adding the number of all true customers 24x7x365.

  • Opt-In Subscription - All the calls you receive by publishing the missed call number, is a list of opt-in subscribers which is a strong user database for your business.

  • Engagement/Votes - Missed call marketing is vastly used in generating a non-intrusive engagement with the audience. TV shows and News channels make the best use of it. A number of TV shows ask their viewers to cast a vote for their favourite contestant by just giving a missed call on the specific number.

In a similar way, News channels conduct surveys based on the missed call theory to know people’s opinion on certain subjects.

  • Feedback - A feedback after assisting your valuable customers with what they asked for, is an important step that must be done in order to build a strong users relation for your business. And Missed call marketing campaign is the easiest way to do this.

“Just Give us a Missed Call” is the new trend for engaging with the customers in many types of industries such as Banking, E-Commerce, Media, Education, Entertainment, Advertising, Real Estate, Marketing & a lot more…

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