Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Marketing Automation and Training


Marketing automation is generally the elephant in the room. Using a single technology to manage various parameters like website, content, sales data … the list is endless. Figuring how to address this elephant can be unnerving, let us be your guiding light to help you address the elephant in the room.

All the right tools: Gives the onus of identifying and implementing the right tools which can handle your marketing, social media, CRM and sales enablement requirements.
Configuration: Configuring custom dashboard views, reports, and lists make management and team transparency simple.

Setting your marketing up for success

Let’s start with the foundation. Keeping a brand clean and aligned can take work, but with templates in place, you can focus on your new and exciting content. With your personas implemented in Inbound CRM, there will be no guessing on who is responding to which campaign.

Templates: Your email, landing page, and blog templates should be brand-aligned and optimized for inbound methodology.
Make your personas smart: Make the most of your Inbound CRM instance. We’ll implement personas and build out smart lists and workflows to support them.

Maximize your investment

As Inbound Marketing Automation highest-rated expert agency and two-time winner of The Happiest Customer Award, Replete is proud to say we’ve worked Inbound Marketing Automation for more than six years. The icing on the cake? We have 150 (and counting) five-star reviews from actual clients. We want you to love Marketing Automation, too.

Training: With each new campaign we place or blog engine we build, we train you on maintaining your specific build.
Support: Let us help you get the most return on your investment through using Inbound Marketing Automation CRM to its full potential.


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