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Making website design from client requirements

Tim Preut From TickyBoom Designs

Making website design from client requirements with Tim Preut – SWC 06

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How to get started building logo design followed by website design layout from the client requirements? Tim Preut shares his process of creating an amazing logo design and website layout for his clients.
Making website design from client requirements with Tim Preut

01. First Step

  • Once you have contracted the client for website design and development service, which is the first step in the process: is it logo design, basic website structure or something else.

02. Logo Design

  • What all information do you collect from the client to create an amazing logo that would represent his or her online brand identity.
  • How do you decide on the color palette for the logo design and which software program do you use to make logo design.
  • Do you use JPEG or PNG logo format or have you switch to using SVG format.

03. Getting text Content & Images

  • Do you start the website design using original content or dummy text .
  • How do you get website content from the client
  • Do you also offer content writing service in the package

04. Design & Building Website

  • Once the logo design is finalized and the content is there, how you do proceed with building of website design.
  • Do you create a website mockup in a program like Photoshop or build it directly in the web browser using a page builder.
  • Do you design keeping in mind the responsive layout or just design the layout for desktop and adjust that later for tablet and mobile devices.
  • What is your website testing and quality check routine before making the website live.

05. Upcoming design trends

  • What are upcoming website design trends, like design has become more minimal and flat as against embossed / shadows.
  • Use of SVG format for images is getting bigger now, especially those animated SVGs look cool. What would be your advice for a newbie to learn SVG logo design like animation or software program recommendations.

About Tim (TickyBoom)

Tim and his wife Nicky have been serving clients in their graphic design business Tickyboom for 1.5 to 2 years. Their business concentrates on logo, web design, illustration, and print. They also have a successful wedding invitation design service.
Tim has worked in design industries in the San Francisco area and has a YouTube series called Can It Be Done with Beaver Builder where he shows what can be built with the Beaver Builder page builder.


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