Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Mailbox Migration Through Virtualmin: A Step by Step Guide

How to Migrate Emails from one Server to another Server through Virtualmin

Step 1

In Virtualmin, emails will be located at the following location.
#pwd /home/virtualserver/homes
Cross check mail boxes and their size in source server.
#du -sh *
Step 2

Copy desired mailbox directory on destination server through scp.
#scp   -rv   DESIRED_MAILBOX   root@DESTINATION_IP:/home/mailbackup/
Step 3

Cross check the copied data on destination server.
# cd /home/mailbackup/
# ls
# du -sh *

Step 4

Create mail address on destination server through virtualmin if it does not exist.

Step 5

Rename automatically created mailbox directory and move the backup directory in place of that.
#mv  dummy   dummyold
#mv  dummy   /home/virtualserver/homes/

Change directory ownership,
#chown   -R   dummy.inboxcart:inboxcart   dummy
#service    postfix    restart

Now email box has been migrated and you may cross check the mails on Destination server.


Now, here you can see that your desired mailbox data has been restored and you can access related mails by following the above mentioned steps.

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