Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Let your Company Grow and Thrive with IKF’s PPC Management Services!

In today’s digital era, online marketing is undoubtedly a powerful tool at the business owner's disposal that helps them promote their offerings. PPC is one such platform that has proved its worth in online advertising. Emerging as the favorite tool of advertisers, PPC helps to bring in strategic marketing changes that result in improved quality scoresand higher ROI.
PPC certainly works as a catalyst for business growth but choosing the right PPC company is equally important. IKF is one of the leading digital marketing companies that is known for offering the best PPC services.  Backed with a team of digital marketing experts and sound industry knowledge, we are successfully handling projects of different sizes, nature, and complexities.

IKF’s PPC Management Services

  • Account and Audit Strategy:

    Our PPC experts audit your PPC Accounts and develop improved strategies to enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns, ensuring every penny invested is well spent.
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis:

    Our extensive keyword research and sound competitor analysis help to develop a highly responsive PPC strategy that sets the path for smoother and faster business growth.
  • Ad Copying Writing and Optimizing Landing Pages:

    Great ad copy is crucial to not only introduce your brand messaging to potential customers but also to attract them to visit your website. We help you achieve these objectives by creating well-focused and compelling copies. Our creative ads coupled with an optimized landing page ensures improved click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score.
  • Tracking and Conversions

    Tracking conversion is an important component of PPC management that helps to identify what is yielding results and what needs to be removed. Our PPC experts offer tracking conversion solutions that highlight effective keywords, ads, and campaigns. Accordingly, changes can be made to ensure investment is done in the right places that can bring in the desired outcome.
  • Reporting and Analysis:

    As a Google partner in India, we leverage the right tools and reporting systems that give a competitive edge to your online business. With our exhaustive monthly reports and in-depth analysis, we update you about the campaign insights and strategic changes required for improving the performance of the same.

PPC Marketing Strategies:

As a reputed PPC company in Pune, we adopt the latest PPC techniques that ensure immediate results, maximum value for your investment and larger markets. Listed below are some of the marketing strategies that are employed to optimize your online performance:
  • PPC company in Pune - IKF
  • Paid Search:

    We empower your paid search marketing with well-drawn campaigns that increase your website’s visibility, bring instant traffic and ensures high conversions rates.
  • Display Ads:

    Create brand awareness and broaden your audience reach with deftly crafted and cost-effective display campaigns to push your potential sales.
  • Re-Marketing:

    Through our progressive re-marketing techniques we help you spend your ad budget in the most feasible way that facilitates tapping as well as re-engaging visitors who once came to your website or landing page.
  • Social Media Advertising:

    Offering a complete package, we employ social media advertising platforms to maximize your reach. Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, our social media services are driven to tap the unexplored segments and bring in more business for the clients.
Taking you closer to your target user, IKF formulates strategies that are bound to offer you the best results. Result-oriented approach, competitive pricing, and profit-assured services, we ensure maximum returns on your investment. Choose us for optimizing your ad campaigns, exploring lucrative market opportunities and achieving the desired ROI.
Reach us anytime at or call us on +91-888 886 6110 for further advice in this regard.

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