Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Learn How to Make your Email Marketing a Sales Machine

What? You haven’t heard about Email Marketing yet or have no idea how it can be helpful in taking your business to next level!

In the age of swiftly moving technology, almost all-sized company, either it's on large scale or just a start-up, has been stepped-in digital platform to sell or to promote their products or services. And since most of the market became online, the competition among the sellers have also been increasing day by day.

In this race of online buy & sell, there are numerous ways to beat your competitors. And out of them Email Marketing is the first and a must, especially if you own an IT company! So if you have not participated in the race yet, now is the time to do it, start using Email Marketing for your Business.

But first, if you are completely unaware of the term, ‘Email Marketing’, let us explain it to you and then we’ll describe you how you can make it the sales machine for your company. So first Learn Email Marketing. Simply, it is marketing of a service or a product by using email platform.

Promoting your business via email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your old and new customers as well as let them know what’s happening on their favourite portal. Such promotion campaigns help in boosting the number of sales of whatever you are selling.

Here we write-down the Top 10 Tips to make Email Marketing a Sales Machine, try them.

Tip #1. Only Take Voluntary Subscriptions 

If you really want to convert your subscriptions into actual sales, it is highly recommended to take only voluntary subscriptions or let users decide by their own choice. Do not push them to subscribe your email at any point.

It’s the way to build a relationship with your customers before even it starts taking shape. Actually, getting subscriptions are just like selling your product or service, you first have to show the importance of whatever you are selling to them and then, let them decide if it is useful to them or might be useful in near future. If your product or service somehow tempted them, they will definitely hit the subscribe button. Else, don’t worry they weren’t your audience, try on others.

Tip #2. Give An Unsubscribe Button

Affix an Unsubscribe Button at the bottom of every email you send (Unsubscriber button is recommended in header part as well).

This is the best way to generate trust with your targeted audience before they become your customers. Providing an unsubscribe option, gives the user a safe feeling.
However, you might loose a number of users, but over the short-term, using this exercise you will connect with the long-term subscriptions, and they will definitely be your sales-lead one day.

If users know that they can opt out whenever they wish, generally they do not press the red button until they lost their interest in your product or service.

Tip #3 Send Personalised Emails

This is how you can be good with your customers and show them how much you care about them; send them personalised emails.

Whenever you shoot an email to your customers, greet them by their first names. It gives them more friendly attention. If you don’t have their names, keep your email’s tone in a general way.

On the other hand, you can also send them more related results about their interest in your service or product.

Tip #4. Surprise Your Users with Limited Time Offers

Never forget your customers no matter how old they are OR do not let them feel so. In the race of getting new customers, we often underestimate the old ones, but don’t forget as much as they get older in your list, the stronger relation you will have.

Who doesn't love surprises, of course, everyone does! Now is the time to surprise your customers with special discounts and offers on your goods or services for the limited time period.

This would be one of the top ways to get maximum results with email marketing.

Tip #5. Craft your Holiday-special Emails in Advance

Work is enough for working days, holidays are for chilling and relaxing!! Of course for you as well.

Prepare everything in advance, so that you would not miss any chance to promote your products or services on the off days as well as enjoy the holidays yourself.

For such special days, send the day-specific emails. It works in both ways; first, it shows to your customers that you remembered them on the holidays too. And on the other hand, it could be your sale-generating email as people often prefer to buy products on the especial occasions.

Tip #6. Let them know the Loot on Your Products/Services

Whenever I see the word ‘Sale’, it tempts me to go to the next step. If you are selling your goods or services on heavy discount, tell your audience that you are offering a great loot on the complete range. Shoot the emails carrying the term ‘sale’ in the subject-line.

Tip #7. Alert Them on New Arrivals

If you have a new or fresh launch/collection or it is about to come to your shop, alert your customers in advance via emails and also offer them the opportunity for pre-orders. Tell them to be the first to get hands on the newest products, also feature your collection in the mail.

Tip #8. Reward your Loyal Customers

Being lucky always makes one feel special.!

Don’t forget to give rewards to your devoted customers. It shows the way you treat your loyal customers and makes them stay connected with your portal. This is about creating a long-term relationship with your customers.

Not only to the most shopped persons but also show something special to those who have lost their interest in your products or services once.

Remember, Once a customer always a customer!

Tip #9. Attractive Benefits on Referring to others

The ideal way to form a long customer-chain is by providing the referral option. Let your old customer take the charge for you.

Referral code is like ‘let me earn and let others earn’. Give each of your subscribed customers a unique ‘referral code’, so whenever he/she refers it to others, he/she will get something in return as well as whom they referred. And so on…

Thus, a long chain of your customers will continue to form.

Tip #10. Use Large Buttons Instead of Links

Since the number of email readers on smartphones are increasing every next day, it’s hard to check-on small texts on the mobile screen. So, make it more highlighted what’s important in your content. Use large buttons on which you want people to click. However, the button should be visually good in appearance and must be tempting.

Grand Tip

All these above-mentioned tips are quick and effective email marketing ways to boost the sales of whatever you sell, i.e., products or services. Build-up a strategy for your business now and run different email marketing campaigns.

However, multiple options are available out there to promote goods and services, yet email marketing is turned out to be the best exercises among all. Because it’s not just about to promote a business on the digital platform, rather a way to stay connected individually with the customers. 

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