Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Leadership is a Challenge: Top 5 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Leadership is a challenging role. Being a leader is not an easy job. At any point of time, a challenge may arise for a leader/ Manager, whether they are new to the role or are experienced ones.

Here, it’s a small initiative to compile a list of few challenges with the tips how to overcome them.

Adapting a New Role

For a new manager, it will be a bit difficult to adapt ownership of the role. The biggest challenge will be to manage things with those whom you used to work closely and perhaps you have personal relationships with them.

It’s important to keep distance between personal relationships from the workplace. What should you do? Just position yourself as an easily approachable and supportive manager and ensuring the strict conversation may take place.

You also have to make sure that giving such conservative feedback, you should not be judged in a negative manner by your team, instead be seen as a helpful manager which helps the team members to work at their full potential.

Proper Guidance

You can face some issues if you're not managing team, not providing the space and a proper guidance to work. Don't just consider that your team knows everything about something they are working on. If you are a manager or a leader, you need to ensure everyone is fully aware of what’s expected of them and how their work aligns and contributes to the fulfillment of the company goals.
If you are unable to deliver proper guidelines to your team members, it may affect their work and ultimately the productivity will hamper. A manager has to make sure all the required information has been delivered to the team member and apart from that he is always available to discuss the queries that appear.

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Treat Equal

It’s undeniably important to be there for team members whenever required, and guide them to make sure you’re getting the best out of them. They should not feel less valued being a part of the team and each one of them should be given equal privileges and opportunities to perform.

Whether the people in your team are older or younger, you should be able to guide them through hardships, treat them all equal and in the right direction. Identify their potential and make them work the way that delivers better results. This will prove that you are succeeding as a great leader.

Feedbacks & Appreciations

The most important thing is to keep the communication between the team members open and frequent. If you want to make sure your team develop and perform better, you must provide a constructive feedback.

However, It’s equally important to celebrate one’s success, big or small. A small appreciation to a team member boosts them up and helps them perform dedicatedly. This lets them know that they are valued and also increases the engagement too. Implementing 360-feedback can also prove to be a great practice to keep communication open, honest, and useful.

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Embrace Feedback from Upward Management

Giving feedback is easy but receiving can be difficult, especially when it comes to constructive feedback. But it’s important to take such feedback as positive as this will prove to be a great help to look forward what lacks behind in the productivity and of course the leadership skills you have adapted.

You should receive this upward feedback with an open mind and ensure you act upon it properly. Discussing the feedback with your team members is must and even they also should be given a platform to share their ideas about what they feel about it or if anyone can share what measures can be taken to improve things. This will also let your team members feel that you value their inputs.
This helps develop trust for you and you team members will respect your strategies and will follow them with a great zeal.

Wrapping It Up

A manager should be transparent with the team and make the team members aware of what’s going on in your company. Be a manager on whom the team can trust and feel comfortable with. Don’t close yourself off, Keep the team in the loop.

Treat them equal and give equal opportunities to perform and let the best out of them come out. This will result in company’s growth and the employee engagement will be on boom!

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