Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Is your website contributing to your sales?

The website, as you know, is a 24 x 7 storefront. Unlike a physical store, it isn't limited by geography - the whole world is your playground! Your website is more than just a token presence on the internet. However, if it’s not being used properly, then it just becomes a static brochure or a dumpsite serving no purpose.
In this day and age of smartphones, smart cities, smart generation your website needs to be smart as well. If you want your website to function more than just a good-looking online expression of your brand/company, there's no doubt you need to tick some important boxes right.

Which is why I want you to run your website to the following checklist in order to see if your website is smart or a dud:

website checklist process
  • Does it appear on Google with your product/services keywords?
  • Does it fit right on the mobile screens?
  • Are you updating your website at the organizational level? Do you bring it up to date with current news?
  • Is your website prominently showing up in the correct sequence like Product > Clients List > Blogs > Contact Us > About Us > Awards & Accreditations?
  • Do you use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic and utilize the insights to finetune or better your strategy?
  • Is the content of your website user-friendly? How frequently do you update it?
  • Does your website show the HTTPS seal when you open it on Google Chrome? If your website is not under SSL, Google will sooner or later, strip you of your ranking.
  • It’s always recommended to get a third-party audit from a professional website design agency like us. Just to let you know, we offer a free website audit!
  • Is your website is easy to navigate?
  • How many leads does your website generate? If it doesn't, it's a red flag and you seriously need to work on converting your website into a sales engine!
If you want to know in detail what this all means for your business or how you can modernize your website to generate leads, do not hesitate to call us on 88888 66110 or just drop us an email at

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