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Is Your Event a Success Story... Time to Manage it With

Event management is rather a very creative job to accomplish. And in order to bring out the creative side, the friendship with the trending technology is very necessary. The success of any event is highly dependent on the time management because if one section took longer than usual to complete the task, then the next section will be delayed and the trail continues.

If you are an event management company, then focus on automation and cut short the unwanted employments. A smart technology itself can handle multiple jobs with no delay, thus reducing the manpower and chaos in coordination. is one such smart solution provider with a single, seamless & unique platform with interwoven services. Through this write-up, I'll try to cover all the pains of this industry and the solution to every single one of them.
What is 'Ideal Event Management' with
event planning
Event management covers Corporate Events, Business Meetings, Press Conference, Wedding Management, Birthday Party etc. Each of these events requires a different set of principles to succeed and once a success, people will notice you.  A well-organized event can save you the marketing costs. There are an audience watching you and your management tactics which they might need in future for their own event hosting or may refer to their close ones. 

A. Note Down The Basics

STEP 1 Detailed information of the Venu & Total number of attending Guests
STEP 2 Prepare detailed FlowCharts for noticing all small and big details step by step
STEP 3 Preparation for sending invitation cards
Solution by


Apart from keeping the information on a diary, techno world today demands online entry as well. Prepare a spreadsheet in your Google Drive with certain important columns which will be of use throughout the event, from start till end. The basic format of your guest list is as in the image below:
guest list
Upload this list in Email Platform to prepare a universal contact list which can be used while operating any service like Email and Cloud Telephony
Sarv platform

Add as many fields as you need as per your convenience and import the contact list. You may keep adding new information to the same list. There is added one Field "Guest Type", this type of information will help in the easy segmentation of contacts. There is no need to create multiple lists as one single list here is able to serve multiple purposes.


Similar to the contact list preparations, flowcharts can also be easily prepared on this same platform. The additional benefit here is the automation. Let your team handle the important tasks, all the labor work and static information distribution can be done through the Virtual Receptionist. Feed the information once, prepare the IVR flow and you are done.
IVR for event

event registration process


Invitation Cards can be distributed via multiple options. In our daily lives, we notice that e-cards are the most popular format of sharing an invitation. So basically, there are multiple ways to distribute invitations apart from the traditional Paper Card. Most of all you will save your time by sending the invitations almost instantly as compared to the traditional paper cards which take days to be delivered. So, let's discuss the types of Invitation Cards:
  • E-Cards
Email platform will be helpful here. Choose the design which matches your theme and prepare the cards according to your creativity. You can use the already designed templates in the platform or you can customize the design if you have the designing ability (you may hire a designer too for this purpose).  
There are multiple tools which will help you design the ideal e-card for your event. 
inbuilt templatesdrag and drop editor
responsive emailimage editor

  • Voice-Cards/SMS Cards
This is one of the most simple and quick methods with which you can send invitations to thousands of people within minutes with assured responses. The Key Input tool will further help you note the number of people attending the event along with those who will think of attending or will not attend the event.
This way you can easily record your invitation and send to all your guests, instead of calling one by personally. You can even give this machine call some emotions through CUSTOMIZATION (2nd message in above image). Use the tool as per your comfort and save your time. 
  • Paper Invitation Cards
This is the traditional invitation process where your invitation message will be printed on paper and posted to the given address. This is the slowest process of all as it takes days to finally deliver the invitation. Apart from this, sometimes you need to call personally to your guests as well to confirm their attendance. But you can also use this type of invitation as well to appear fancy.
paper invitation cards

B. Get The Ball Rolling


STEP 4 Share the Invitations. Note the "Yes", "No" & "Maybe"
STEP 5 Prepare workflow & Start distributing tasks to everyone, make a note for future references

STEP 6 Make sure to assign dedicated number for every dedicated part of the event
Solution by


Soon after the invitations are ready, start sending them following the steps in the above-displayed flowchart. Choose the suitable tool for your event; Email, Cloud Telephony with Voice/SMS or the paper card. Once all invitations sent, start noticing the responses. The most reliable response will be received via Voice. With the help of well-managed DTMF, you can segregate the list in 4 parts; Attending, Not Attending, Maybe & No Response. Once you have the data, arrange another process accordingly.
  • Those who are attending should be sent an acknowledgment message confirming their auspicious presence.
  • Those who are not attending should be shared thank you acknowledgment for their active participation.
  • Those who are not sure should be served with another invitation after a certain time interval to confirm if they changed their mind to confirm their attendance.  
You can export the final report of key inputs in one click and share it with the team to call each person individually for the acknowledgment.


The flowcharts which are already fed in the portal can not ve activated to Deliver & Retain the information. The event asks preparation in step by step format so everything is loud and clear to every person. There should be no space for confusion. Let's understand this via a dynamic flowchart example.
dynamic IVR flow chart

Make sure you keep similar flowcharts pre-fed in the system to run them whenever required. Once raw material ready, you can use it again and again. If required, minor editings can be done online at prior to sending.


Cloud Telephony & Email Campaigns for regular informative notifications which are either sent from event running team or is initiated by the guests.
  • Toll-Free For Main Event
  • Voice Broadcasting for quick announcements to all guests or the event team members
  • Voice with key inputs to run quick survey
  • SMS with miscall for quick inputs
  • Misscall number For Guest Help Desk
  • Misscall number For Event Team Help Desk
  • IVR flowchart for Event Registration, Call and get information via SMS or Call etc. 

All in all, Sarv platform is able to provide multiple combinations of services like SMS+MissCallVoice+DTMFIVR+Webhooks etc. These combinations help to initiate and complete the task multiple time quicker than the human efforts. Manually where a person can perform limited tasks per day, this technology will surely help revoke this limitation.

C. Touchup & The Final Step


STEP 7 Make sure everyone is aware of their job which is assigned to them & keep a close eye on all activities performed by every person on team for the upcoming event
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To conclude event in itself is a very big task to be started and completed. It needs a full dedicated team to handle any events and a full packed schedule without minutes wasted. Managers are required to run the team and team members are required to operate all the ground-level tasks.

Relying completely on human power can slow down the process and increase the budget of the complete event. For an economic but grand event technology is essential and a very good friend.

You can put your trust in good technology like Omni-Channel Platform to handle certain static and dynamic tasks. For other tasks, you have the team with you.

This is a brief study to help all the Event Managers outside. Some are already using this and those who are not can go through this post to understand the golden benefits and high profits.

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”
– Winston Churchill

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