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Pay-per-click or commonly known as PPC is one of the popular models of internet marketing to direct the traffic towards the target websites. By implementing PPC, the ads and website links of the company or a business firm are placed on search engine result pages, usually at the top or adjacent to the sites that have grown organically. In return, the advertisers pay the publishers or owners of the website each and every time when the ads are clicked. Technooyster, one of leading pay per click agencies in India, analyses whether PPC is a good choice of advertisement by presenting a detailed account of the merits of PPC along with techniques to mitigate the demerits.
Immediate response:
As stated earlier, the biggest advantage of PPC is that it is the quickest way to make appear your ads and links at the top of search engine page and direct the traffic to your site.
Flexibility in campaign:
PPC provides complete freedom to control the promotion campaign as per the needs of the business. The promotion can even be seasonal to attract additional attention over a certain period of time. It also provides sufficient flexibility to track the performance of the campaign. What more, for additional costs, the advertisements can also be placed at a particular position of the page and effective keywords can also be added for a desired period.
Controlled promotion budget:
PPC is a boon for the firms that have tight control over the advertisement budgets. For a fixed amount for budget, the cost effective key words and bidding prices can be set to attract the traffic.
Expenditure only on response:
In the PPC mode of online marketing strategy, although the advertisements are displayed in the search page, money is to be paid only when the ad is clicked. Hence without any additional payment, the display of product or the service offered in the search page provides additional awareness.
Suitable for unique and seasonal products or service
We are all used to search for any product or services through popular search engines like ‘Google’ or ‘Bing’. The products or services may be a common one that are easily available in the market or may be unique which is sold only by a few sellers. A right strategy to market and sell both these products is PPC. As a matter of fact, marketing of unique products is quite easy through PPC as the perfect client is targeted at the right moment. With the help of PPC and right key word phrases, several target group options based on location, age, gender and language can be easily made to enhance the conversion rates.
There may be seasonal demand for products or services like winter or monsoon products, school items, travelling, wedding, and festival related items and any other thing that sells during a particular period in a year. Optimum utilization of marketing can be done through PPC. Higher profits due to large sales volume of seasonal items easily offset the cost of the clicks.
PPC is equal to all
Irrespective of the size of the business any one can select PPC platform to market their products. The marketing campaign through effective keywords and quality score will keep you at the top. A professional PPC agency efficiently works out for quality and attractive short descriptive words to gain customers and divert traffic to the website.
Having discussed about the various advantages, PPC has few demerits also. False clicks, improper bidding, irrelevant keywords, less conversion rate are some of the important demerits encountered after the implementation of PPC. If the job is assigned to an experienced pay per click agencies, these disadvantages are easily avoided by the following techniques:
A continuous and proper monitoring of the clicks easily reveals the invalid clicks that are automatically done by automated tools or malicious software.
With huge success of PPC, sometimes the bidding prices shoot up. This necessitates the situation to optimize the PPC by deploying right key words, targeting the potential customers and more importantly converting the clicks into sales. With an optimized PPC, the advertising cost is very much unlikely to exceed the budget.
With irrelevant keywords that does not match with the advertisement, the spectrum of search becomes broader and leads to catastrophe. A good PPC agency efficiently manages the advertising campaign and chooses the best key words for the targeted group.
In a nutshell, if the service offered by the PPC agencies are client oriented, and then it is perfectly a right choice for any business to increase the sales. Technooyster, one of the best professional and experienced pay per click agencies, Pune, takes utmost care in effective management of the PPC campaign by deploying relevant keywords, bidding, monitoring, tracking clicks and conversions, striving and sustaining in the top quality score for cost-effective bidding.

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