Friday, 8 November 2019


When we talk about digitalization in India the first thing that comes to mind is the digital India campaign that was initiated by our Hon. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in 2015. However, the truth is that India started its digitalization far back – around 25 years ago. The Digital India Campaign catalysed the existing programme, awaking the values and incentives behind digitalization.
Since then many organizations have started onboarding themselves onto the ‘web’, which is rapidly becoming a must-needed podium. However, due to a lack of knowledge and awareness amongst individuals, there still remain a high number of displeased organizations. Through this blog, I aim to share my views which will help bridge the gap between an organization and the reason for its dissatisfaction.
I’ll start off with a small example to give the reader a brief idea of what it means to ‘go digital’ and I hope by the end of this blog posts, I will have cleared all your doubts or queries about this philosophy. So, let’s start by visualizing you own an organization with minimum brand awareness within a specific area. What’s your first go-to solution? It’s obvious that you will first explore mouth-to-mouth publicity, then maybe advertise using banners and posters, and the third thing you’ll do is print some visiting cards of their organization to share and distribute for improving brand awareness.
The substance of my point is underlying the comparison of your organizations visiting cards and your website. Printing a visually aesthetic and informative visiting card is equally as good as creating a good website with informative content and eye-catching visuals. You share your visiting card to increase brand awareness and lead potential clients to your organization’s products and services, but the same if not a higher penetration rate can be achieved for your website too, just by sharing it! Just to make it crystal clear, it’s not enough to just create a good website for your organization and expect to get the required market.
The creation of the website is the first step, the next step is to market it – Digitally. Marketing digitally is no monumental task, it’s as simple as opting for our digital marketing services but a simple opt-in can help you see an exponential increase in awareness and lead generation.
To make a Digital Marketing campaign successful for your website, the following 4 steps are pivotal:
Search engine optimisation (SEO) which helps your website get ranked higher on Google’s search pages organically.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps your website attain the targeted number of visits and users through optimizing its presence on all sensible social media platforms. SMM can be done organically or boosted through paid campaigns, depending on the requirements of the organization.
Google AdWords helps your website get featured on the first page or even on the top 3 search results of Google. A great solution for substantially increased visibility.
Email Marketing is another way of increasing your organization’s visibility and brand awareness. A study says this is the least used strategy but the most effective one when it comes to the conversion rate.
These are just a few of the most common strategies included in a digital marketing campaign, but the most important and initial strategy is an open mind and a “YES-MAN” attitude. We believe that digital marketing is the rapidly becoming the norm of marketing for any and all kinds of the organization so if you ask us, we’ll always say encourage you to opt into a well devised and strategically clear digital marketing campaign.
That’s it for now, folks. Hope I conveyed a clear view on the importance of a company’s digital presence, especially through website creation and marketing. In the next blog, we will explore this topic further and address any queries regarding websites and digital marketing. Leave your thoughts, questions and/or comments in the box below and see you next time!

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