Tuesday, 5 November 2019

[Infographic] Has Video Marketing Reached Its Peak?

Humans are visual creatures – and video capitalizes on this fact like no other medium.

Believe it or not, the first “viral video” is now over 20 years old! From the "Spirit of Christmas" through "Gangnam Style" and on to Facebook Live - the online video revolution continues to grow – and why it is more important than ever for brands to tell their story through video marketing.

Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing – and the way it catapults your brand into the spotlight.

Incredible Reach

First of all, nearly 80% of all internet users watch videos online. Among them, men are more likely to hit the play button than women – by 44%.

So this reach has grown far beyond the desktop, tablet or even mobile device. In 2016, half of all Americans enjoyed video via digital television.

Share and Care

We all know there are vast amounts of video available online, but where does it all come from?

Every minute, amateurs and pros alike upload 48 hours worth of video onto YouTube. As a result, viewers quickly share popular content. On Twitter, video posts are retweeted six times as often as photos.

And the sharing culture works for video marketing, too. Video in marketing boosts sharing by 10 times over social media.

Growing Success

Among those uploads are some spectacular video marketing success stories. Gillette used a “how-to” video to generate six million views. Also, crazy Egg boosted its conversion rate by nearly two-thirds by offering an “Explainer” video.

And so, the secret is out – 96% of marketers spent on video in 2016.

These amazing facts make it clear video marketing opportunities continue to grow. Therefore, the question is: How will you use video to boost your brand?

Here's an infographic by Website Builder. In this infographic, you'll find 127 amazing video marketing facts. Take a look:


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