Sunday, 10 November 2019

Increase University Admissions By Investing In Inbound Digital Marketing

On a day to day basis, people research everything before making a decision. Whether they are buying something or just browsing, they need complete information. Think about the time they will invest in research about which university to enroll in. So first you need to create an inbound marketing strategy so you can acquiree your leads ( students and parents ) and establish trust with them and a relationship with your brand.

Identifying your Target Group
  • Students looking for future studies or degrees. Depending on what courses your university offers, you can create content that will rope in the right target group.
  • Parents are important part of TG, just as much as students are researching for universities to enroll in, parents are researching aspects that will give them assurance about student security and sky high grades.
  • he content you create and the campaigns you choose to execute should relate directly to your target audience.

Attracting your TG
  • It is necessary to understand what students want and provide them with quality information.
  • Inbound marketing helps with mapping a consumer’s journey. If this is done right, you can gain insight into students behaviour and what they are looking for. This can help you build content that will help students make well informed decisions.
  • When a student trusts a university, it gives you a stronghold over your TG.

Engaging content, not SPAM
  • When students are looking for enrolling to new colleges, their searches will lead them into receiving emails regarding the same.
  • It is important for your University name to come in the Subject line as students applying for colleges will receive emails from a number of universities. So you need to sure your Email doesn’t end up in the Spam mail.

Tapping into genuine sources
  • Inbound marketing helps you reach to your consumers with reliable content and hence, they give their information to you willingly.
  • This is a helpful tool otherwise you will have to gain this information by wasting resources and money.
  • By sharing reliable content and receiving information voluntarily you can refine your content to match the target audience.
  • With Inbound marketing strategies you can receive updates about students queries and current trends.

Articles/stories of success
  • Existing students and alumni like to share their stories and give advice about their success stories.
  • It could be blogs, videos, articles in newsletters, etc to make sure that students applying to your university will see the positives of the college.
  • Articles explaining the benefits of graduating from your university, having career counselling seminars, etc.


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