Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Inbound Marketing

Strategic Launch Pad

Random actions rarely translate to success stories. We don’t believe in wasting your money and our time. We set a strong foundation to launch your marketing campaign using goal focused, intelligence inbound marketing playbook.

Inbound personas and Buyer’s Journey: Using interviewing techniques and other interactive methods to understand your target audience.
Gap Analysis: Analyze your goals and your current status and bridge the gap to help you achieve your targets.

Focus on actionable opportunities and measurable results

We at Replete seek out the only those opportunities that can translate into actions enabling you to track progress through measurable results.

90-days sprint: Use the agility of springs to align with market changes and prioritize work by business impact.
Flexible, data-driven retainers: Further refine those activities within your organization what has brought you success.

Transparency is the key factor for a successful relationship

We pride ourselves on retaining long-term clients and having repeat business. This is the result of our dedication towards our clients and our flexibility to mold ourselves to their processes. We have painstakingly devised onboarding procedures and performance evaluation processes that keep the client in the know-how at all times.

Client dashboard: Online dashboards that give you all relevant information at a single glance.
Bi-weekly updates and Full Performance reporting: Continually optimize your program as markets and opportunities evolve. We’ll help you pursue goals through detailed strategic analysis and prioritize next steps.


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