Thursday, 7 November 2019


How often have you heard that the ‘Future is digital’? The rapid evolution of technology in the last couple of decades has opened the floodgates for several industries. One such industry is the digital marketing sector that has witnessed a significant growth owing to the progress in technology. There is a shift in trend in the current scenario in which several businesses are turning to digital marketing instead of the conventional marketing strategies.
The healthcare industry has gradually opened its arms for digital marketing. The onset of modern technology coupled with the advantages of digital marketing has helped the healthcare industry to flourish. Although healthcare digital marketing is relatively a new concept, it has slowly but steadily gained recognition in the healthcare sector.
Let’s discuss the role of digital marketing in healthcare marketing and why it is important for to develop an effective marketing strategy.
1. Mobile Penetration
Today, nearly two billion people own a smartphone worldwide. With the ever growing number of mobile users, it is impossible to ignore the rise of digital marketing. Current trends depict the growing adoption of healthcare digital marketing over the conventional marketing techniques.
Physicians often use their smartphones for research and study the current trends in the industry. Further, patients seek healthcare and treatment options online which pushes the emphasis on digital healthcare marketing.
2. Change In Consumer Behaviour
The consumer behaviour has changed remarkably over the years. The current consumer behaviour is contrastingly different from the consumer behaviour from the past. Today, the healthcare consumer carries out extensive research online to weigh the various alternatives that suit the requirement. Consumers are healthier and wiser compared to the consumers in the past which makes it essential to formulate digital healthcare strategies.

3. Rise Of Digital Channels
It is evident that digital marketing has gained importance and now adopted in various sectors. The last couple of years have been crucial for healthcare digital marketing as there is a notable rise in the adoption of the same in the healthcare sector. The consumer marketing trends are advancing at a fast pace and in the current scenario and now focus on digital ads, mobile apps, and social media.
4. Growing Demand For Next-Generation Healthcare Applications
As discussed earlier, healthcare marketing now focuses on digital applications and marketing. Today, a consumer seeks a hassle-free and a reliable user experience. As technology has progressed, the demand for innovative next-generation healthcare applications has increased. The implementation of a robust healthcare marketing strategy on a digital platform will enhance the healthcare sector worldwide.
5. Important Insights: Healthcare And Digital Marketing

      • Around 77 percent patients book appointments online
      • Search engines generate three times more traffic to hospital sights in comparison with the traffic on other affiliated or referral sites
      • Roughly around 44 percent patients schedule their appointment using a mobile device
    Every industry has a few loopholes and a room for improvement. The shortcomings in the healthcare sector can be resolved by the adoption of digital marketing. Healthcare digital marketing is likely to make the healthcare sector more organised and efficient.

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