Monday, 11 November 2019

Importance of Lead Profiling in Real Estate.

In the sales process, when you receive an enquiry you usually end up with an email address or a phone number in hand. Is that useful? Not really. You can definitely contact them now. But, how do you know which lead is actually a prospective customer that fits into your target demographic?
The answer is lead profiling. Often underestimated and unfortunately rarely practiced, it will get you far in not just conversion, but in every element of your marketing & sales process. Allow us to persuade you on the importance of prioritizing lead profiling.
The Why:
Especially in the real estate industry, understanding your lead’s purchasing power, his/her profession (the industry, seniority) and other such factors are important before you get into a sales pitch with them.
Imagine a scenario where you can get additional information on all your leads. For example, if you knew your lead – let’s call him Mr.X – works as a CXO in the IT Sector, you’ll have your senior sales team get in touch with him and also tweak your pitch to talk about the upscale lifestyle at your product, its elite community and so on.
Without this kind of information, you never know which lead should be prioritized, you could deliver a poorer sales pitch (being unable to personalize it) and your important leads won’t necessarily go through to your senior sales team. When you have all the information about your leads, however, you’re opened up to a world of possibilities – you can even configure your software to get certain leads directly in touch with specific members of your sales team!
The How:
At Amura, when we got down to enhancing the lead profile in Sell.Do – our real estate CRM software– we always reminded ourselves about the importance of acquiring this additional data. Our task was to figure out how to get profile information using only an email/phone number and then integrate that into Sell.Do. One of the easiest ways, of course, is to “Google” the person if you have their name. However, that’s tedious, manual and difficult to automate.
That’s when we started looking for People Search and Identity Resolution services. We’re now in the initial phases of experimenting with these services for Sell.Do, and the results are extremely positive.
Here’s how it all works:
When an enquiry is made, you end up with the email/phone number of the user. The system is automated to then, in real time, get the user’s name using third-party services, followed by identity resolution services to know user data such as industry, profession, seniority, ethnicity, experience, etc. It then registers all this information against the user in your CRM, which makes it readily available for sales reference. Which, of course, allows you to streamline your sales pitch.
Even with all this data at your fingertips, what’s the point if you don’t have the tools to use it? Imagine being able to use this data to further customize email automation – because every customer is different, you’ll be able to automate different communication tailor-made to address each customer.
What’s more, the marketing team can then also use the same lead profile information and results to better analyse their running campaigns (and, if required, change the campaigns to achieve better results). While the first step of any campaign is to identify the target demographic, lead profiling helps optimize the campaign to reach that specified TG. With all the additional data, the marketing team can also optimize spends for the right targeting and streamline the entire process.
With lead profiling, as you can see, you have a number of opportunities at your fingertips that simply weren’t possible earlier.
Watch this space for further updates and feel free to get in touch with us for a demo!


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