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Importance Of Digital Marketing In Hospitality Sector

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others.
M.K. Gandhi
The hospitality industry segment works on the core principle of serving others and to nurture their customer. The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries due to the increase in tourism and the standard of living. With the advent of digitization and the savvy people, it becomes crucial to outreach and captures the maximum market as the competition has increased to new heights. There are various challenges pertaining to independent hotel marketing. Let’s chart out a few challenges faced and how new digital marketing strategies can be a savior!

Deficient Resources…

It becomes difficult for hotels to have independent marketing team as it is laborious to manage. It causes havoc due to the juggling of operations roles & responsibility. It comes with lacunae of manpower related issues such as lack of timely completion of work, more inputs requirement and series of auditing. A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, can be more flexible and resource friendly.

Lack Of Awareness…

Most of the hotel teams lack the core side understanding of digitization and cannot efficiently use the resources. The staff and members lack an understanding of the digital platform and its influence. The perks and benefits of online marketing are not known to many business owners which later hinder the business growth.

Bouncy Budget…

Having an own marketing team requires hiring, training, legal reforms for employees, incentives, etc, which take a toll on a yearly budget that can be instead diverted towards improving overall customer experience. Thus, the choice of having an independent team becomes a Big No!

The Absence Of Tech-Savviness…

The mere reluctance of owners towards technology is a key deterrent in the success of hotels. The lack of knowledge does not allow taking chance for improvements. The increasing competitiveness in the market due to online services has further added challenges. This requires urgent steps to be taken to stand ahead in the market.

Multiple Centers Are Hefty…

Hotels having different centers face another level of difficulty when it comes to marketing themselves. Localized marketing becomes difficult due to multiple hiring requirements at different centers. This creates a toll on the budget as well as on human resource for management.

Counting On Events…

Many hotels use event organization as a tool for marketing themselves and generating leads. But this has been less significant as it requires a huge amount of management, planning, and budgeting. Whereas more target and leads can be achieved using digital marketing in a much less budget.

How Digital Marketing Can Be A Boon?

Using digital marketing for your hotel can significantly help in market capture but is not a linear route; rather it is a combination of many converging routes that help you reach your destination – “Success”. Let’s dive into various routes that can help in taking your hotel business to the next level –
  • Optimizing Website – Your website is an image of the services you provide and its quality. Having a good website with the right content is something that attracts the customer. Optimize your website with targeted keywords for SEO, images, video, content describing quality services, etc. A good website can land you in top searches, in turn, improving website traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing – Most of the people spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Capturing the market through these modes can become a big Show Time if used efficiently. A digital marketing agency can help in getting leads and successful conversion for your business through social media campaigns.
  • Content Marketing – Content is a key player in marketing yourself. A lot of people look out for quality content online to explore various places. Blog, case studies, client testimonials. Info-graphics, videos can be a key ingredient to divert them to your website.
  • Email Marketing – Staying connected with existing customers as well as outreaching to new customers is important. Share new deals and offers through email marketing & update your customers about your services to harness the full potential.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement – Enrich customer engagement & satisfaction through digital marketing aids for e.g. a customer feels satisfied when they are tagged or liked. This makes them feel valued and builds a trust network among them. Along with these activities like addressing customers reviews on social media channels helps in earning credibility. It can be even used for addressing unwanted escalations and controlling the same to improve overall experience of the users.
  • Contact Standardization – Digital marketing helps you to handle fake pages and profiles, this paves the path towards contact standardization. Thus, improving overall reliability and credibility of services.
  • Know Your Customer – Digital marketing helps you to know your customer better; this in turn can be a boon to channelize strategies for meeting targeted goals. One can promote yearly offers & other packages to meet the need of clients besides attracting good quality traffic over the website. It helps you to earn repetitive business especially for hospitality domains such as resorts & spa, etc.
Digital marketing is an iceberg concept which covers far more than above-mentioned points. As said earlier, it converges many routes to reach success. Google Ads, Online review management, back-linking using online directories, SEO Optimization are other few to enlist where digital marketing works.
In the world of huge competitors, earning the place in the market needs to make yourself visible to the customers. This requires extensive online marketing tools to fight back. Digital marketing empowers your company to stand ahead from the crowd. It helps in bringing down costs, reduces manpower requirements and provides credible results.
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