Thursday, 7 November 2019


Business is all about increasing the chances of attracting potential customers and sustaining the existing ones. Remember, to scale up the level of business, it is of paramount importance to attract local customers. How does it sound if we say that a perfectly designed SEO would be the right choice for you to grab the eyeballs of your potential local customers? SEO helps you to get good search engine rankings and thereby triggers your online business. Being a part of a renowned SEO company In Pune, it is our duty to share few simple but effective techniques to drive more customers to your business in Pune. And believe us, these are time tested methods and have rendered improved visibility in search results and have substantially increased the customer base.
Set the basics right:
Let us start with few very simple things that would pave way for easy visibility in search engine result pages (SERP).
• It is definitely a big advantage if your domain directly mirrors the location and type of your business. Begin with having a physical address in Pune and it is not an option but a norm.
• See to that name, address and phone (NAP) details are available on all the pages
• Claim Google My Business (GMB) page for your entity and improve the local visibility. Ensure that the NAP details in your webpage matches with that of GMB.
• Do not forget to add the nearby landmarks, details of famous spots in your locality. And a Google map pinpointing your exact location is an apt choice. The objective is to thrust upon the location’s specialty.
Spread the word:
No, we are not talking about social media. Several third party directory services are available in Pune either as free or paid service.
•  As a first measure, get enlisted in all the free directory services with complete information that includes few images of your business setup, URL and other key info. Remember, Google constantly scans local directory searches and definitely pays rich dividends for being present there.
•  Have a check whether you are listed in the right category of services.
•  Now expand it further through paid directory service.
•  If you have branches or associate firms across Pune city, don’t forget to add listing for the addresses.
•  Link your Google+ page with the business directory and make sure that all duplicates entities are removed.
Have a look at your website:
Having prepared the battle ground, let us see what can be improved or incorporated in the website to attract visitors. Good SEO experts in Pune should be able to do all these minor changes.
•  For a small price, install a local SEO plug-in. All information pertaining to your business can easily be incorporated through this plug-in with correct markup.
•  Optimize your page titles so as to stress your visitor that you are a Puneite. And also optimize Meta descriptions as they greatly influence click throughs.
•  Ensure that your links are good. Your SEO services provider should manage this show with ease and elegance. Sharing your links in social media, adding links in emails, arranging partners and beneficiaries to link your website are some of the practices that are usually deployed to develop good link strategy. As a word of caution, ensure all the links are authentic, if not, they are sure to back fire.
Make reviews as rewards:
Reviews can make or break an establishment. But whatever the consequences are, never indulge in false reviews, as they have a strong potential to plunder the good work done.
•  Incorporate review columns and encourage your users to post their suggestions.
•  Do not be complacent to reply for the reviews.
•  To spread the news fast, cheer up your visitors to share their reviews in other sites.
Be socially responsible:
Indulge in a full fledged social media campaign, for this is the era of networks.
•  Updates on products, launches of new products, and highlights of praising reviews can be ably shared in all social media networks to get the focus.
•  Remember – more the followers, more the engagement, and more the search engine rankings.
Bingo… You are through. An effective implementation of the above strategies should drive sizeable quantum of prospective leads for your business in Pune. Keep the door wide open and all the best.

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