Thursday, 7 November 2019


Optimizing your website is one of the wise decisions that you have ever taken to boost your business through online digital technologies. Your SEO firm and web developer have done their basics correctly and this is evident through brand new looks, excellent UX features, good navigability, relevant contents, incorporation of social media channels, and launch of content marketing and several other features. But how to understand the effects and gauge the results? How do we ensure that the SEO firm has adapted white hat techniques? Remember, any black hat techniques will show an initial spike but as months roll on, it will ruin your site for ever.
The blunt truth is that the results of SEO cannot be obtained overnight after implementation. It at least takes few months for the results to start appearing. The performance of a successful SEO campaign can be tracked by analyzing the ranks, search engine referrals, conversions, traffic from the targeted audience and much more. Technooyster, the best SEO Company in Pune, throws light on few important methodologies to understand the results of SEO in a website.
Share of search engines
Basically traffic can originate from all sources – direct navigation, promotional campaign links and search engine queries. The exact quantum of traffic through all these sources and their comparison would be the one of the best bets to analyze the performance. While any spike in traffic from low relevant referral links are of no use, a dip in traffic through search engine may be a cause of worry. Having said that, if the revenue has increased during the dip period, it is good. Confused? – Let us explain. SEO is basically performed to target the right audience and generate traffic from the potential customers. So it is quite possible that the traffic is only from right direction, but as long as it generates revenues, it is fine.
Keywords performance
Keywords and phrases are other important parameters that play crucial roles in the analytics. A search referral count for each and every keyword and phrases would help you to identify the traffic they generate. This would help in identifying the strong and the weak selection of words and tweak them accordingly. Also by identifying the new trends of keyword demands, it is possible to introduce new keywords that have huge potential.
Enhancing conversion rates
No SEO process is complete without achieving the bottom line – desired conversion rate. So, to enhance the conversion rate, ideally the first step would be to identify the keywords that have made the viewers to land in the particular page of a site. It is very important to engage the viewers with the landing page and hence it makes sense to improve the user experience of that particular page. Also improving the rankings for those keywords would lead to fruitful results.
SEO is not a onetime process, rather it requires constant evaluation to reap profits. A good SEO audit clubbed with analysis identifies both the improvements and pitfalls in the strategy and helps to make amends for better results. Technooyster, a renowned SEO company in Pune, continuously review the SEO strategies of their client’s website until the desired results are achieved.

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