Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to Write a Cold Email That People Can't Ignore

Email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest growing business marketing strategies of today. Statistics reveal that more than half of the world’s population is using emails today, which is why the market is observing a significant number of businesses adopting this as a strategy for their business.
Not only is email marketing a less expensive alternative for conventional marketing advertising techniques, but also is a great way to reach out to the customers globally. But writing an email is an art that people often find hard to master.
So, what about cold emails?
You might be familiar with sending a large number of campaigns every day to your email lists but still shy away from cold emails. Many people get chills when they think about sending a cold email to the customers.
Statistics suggest that 91 percent of the professional check their emails every day. This again makes email the best potential source of marketing as compared to other channels or advertising platforms.
Cold emails have the power to land you in a great position if written wonderfully. And trust me it is entirely different from a spam email.
But getting in touch with someone who is especially busy or someone you’ve never met and compelling them to respond is indeed a difficult task.
If you’ve already tried sending cold emails to prospects and failed, it's time you tweak your techniques. And you are at the right place to learn about it.
Here are a few proven and effective ways of writing a cold email that people can’t simply ignore:

1. Pay attention to the subject line

If given an opportunity to catch your customer’s attention, would you fail? I am sure no business would want to miss on catching their customer’s eye, after all this is the first step in building a long relationship with prospects.
Researchers in science have revealed that the average attention span of humans has fallen to 8 seconds. This is even less than that of a goldfish!
So you have to catch your customer’s attention in as minimum time as you can before they scroll down on your email in their inboxes.
Thank God, subject lines come to the rescue!
Subject lines in emails have the power to earn you conversions and draw customers towards your email.
So it is important that you pay attention to the subject line when you start writing a cold email because regardless of what you write, your emails won’t get opened until you have a compelling subject line.

2. Write like you are having a conversation with them

What is the point of writing a cold email if you are writing just to sell your product?
Think about it!
If you’ve never met someone and simply write to them as a marketing professional, will they connect to you? There are very less chances.
So write an email as if they were sitting right next to you and you are having a conversation with them. This also creates a personalized experience. Just try to read your email out aloud before you send it.
Another one of the important things is to not write in a computerized manner. Don’t make your customer feel that they are receiving an auto generated email or a robot has sent it to them.
Write your email to sound like a normal conversation.

3. Send your cold email at a suitable timing

There is indeed a significant importance of time in our lives. We answer to people only when we have time. The same applies to the time you choose to send your cold emails.
Select either an early morning time or a time when the day ends to send your emails. This is because if you are contacting a busy person, there are chances that they will miss your email in the middle of the day.
If you send it first in the morning or they the day ends, there are higher chances that your email will get read because that’s when most of the people check their inboxes.

4. Be clear in providing a call to action

Make sure that the first request you place to your customer is distinct and clear. After reading your email your customer should know what to do next.
Half of the businesses fail to get conversions because their customers cannot figure out what to do next even though they have read the emails.
For example, if your goal is to redirect them to your website, provide a clear popping button that leads them to your website. Also, Ferrazzi insists on giving your customer some clear time or date instead of simply writing in vague.
This gives your customer a sense of clarity and they know that doing business with you would be an easy affair.

5. Write a short, concise and easy to read email

Since you have not met the person whom you are sending a cold email, do not write un necessary things in your email. This would mean appreciating your customer’s time and also saving your time.
Reading a long email is bound to decrease the attention of your customer, especially when they are receiving the first email from your organization. Don’t write your email as a school essay.
Instead, make a bullet list of points so that the reader’s eyes keep on moving throughout the email and finally land at your important call to action. Long emails are not only boring to read but also fail to give the desired first impression.
It is thus advised to keep an email to a maximum of four to five sentences.

6. Close your email with a question

You might not have heard of this before, but this actually works. If you close your email with a question to the customer, there are more chances that they will respond back to you.
Ask them something about themselves, because that is something people love the most. The question is basically a logical step in the sales process. This way you can easily get them on the phone.
Cold emails can be a wonderful way to catch your prospect’s attention. The important point is to connect with your audience.
Use the above tricks to write your cold email as these are some of the best proven techniques that have worked efficiently for businesses.
And you never know when a cold email can earn you a heated business!

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