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How to Warm Up Your Cold Prospects Through Email Campaigns

Time has changed and so has the mentality of the customers. Prospects don’t read every email that bumps into their inboxes, like before. There are possibilities when the customer might show interest in you at one time and go cold a while later.
So the real question is “How to warm up these cold prospects so that they remember you once again?”
Though it can feel disheartening to see your prospects turn cold, they can be attracted to your business once again through effective email marketing campaigns.

So, here are some insurgent tips that will help you warm up the prospects that have gone cold, through email marketing campaigns:

Subject Line

Think about this. Why would your cold prospects still want to read your email?
Most of the time, your cold prospects will scroll down their inboxes, ignoring your email.  But you can catch their attention with an alluring headline.
The subject line and headline of your email are responsible for representing your email. Instead of writing long headlines and subject line that contain usual keywords, make them short and creative.
A headline should make your cold prospect hit the hot buttons in your email.
Going by the statistics, approximately 294 billion emails drift around the internet every day.
If you don’t want your emails to be ignored, you need to differentiate them by creating a unique, personal and eye-catching subject line.
For example, use subject lines such as, ‘Hoping to help’, ‘You are not alone’, ‘Quick question’ and ‘Did you get what you were looking for?’
Tip: Another witty method to catch the eye of your cold prospect is to leave the subject line empty.
According to a market survey, after analyzing more than six million emails, it was found that the emails without a subject line were opened 8 percent more than those with subject lines!
In case you don’t have a something up your mind, leave it blank.
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Show Them the Statistics

Statistics catch everyone’s attention. Why?
Because they are short, concise and everybody expects them to have useful information. You can use statistics and facts to warm up your cold prospects. You can use your company’s facts and happy customer data to share with your prospects so that they get an insight into your brand.
When you use statistics in your email you are not just trying to prove that your products work but prove your worth to the prospects.
Think about all the problems and issues that your product can solve and put it in your email. As numbers are eye catchers, the prospects are bound to sit up and have a look at all the facts that you present to them.
So, instead of drafting a long paragraph, mention bullet points that are quick and easy to read. Your prospects have gone cold for a reason. Your job is to make them remember you and engage them quickly.

Call to Action Links

When you send emails to warm up your cold prospects, make sure that you have a clear and crisp call to action link mentioned. This is for all those prospects that might need your particular expertise the very moment, they read your email.
The body of your email should not be about you. Avoid sending direct product brochures or pdf files in your email.
If you want to warm up your prospects and get desired conversions, you need to provide relevant information with a crisp call to action links. Your call to action link must address the prospect’s concern.
Trust me, your audience would love to read emails where you play the role of a subject matter expert.
For example, your call to action link can be a hyperlink to an article or a report that offers solutions to a problem that your prospect cares about. Make it easy for them to spot and hit your ‘CONTACT ME’ button.
Consider Uber’s clear call to action link.
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Action Based Emails

Action based emails are those emails that you send to your prospects based on the recent actions taken by them. Now, “How does your cold prospect’s viewed/downloaded data, help you in warming them? The answer has a deeper role to play in your email marketing campaign.
These kinds of emails need more lead tracking and segmenting. It makes the prospect realize that you are actually paying attention to them.
Use subject lines or headings like “We noticed you downloaded this {content}”. This way they find something familiar in your emails and have an urge to continue reading your content. Action based emails are a great way to attract the distracted leads that just lurk around your website.
Consider HireVue’s goodbye email.
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Provide Free Education

Prospects get interested in you when they find that your content is relevant to them. You can offer content to your cold prospects through your emails that are related to the prospect’s profession or industry.
And if they convert to your first email, you are all set to go. Record their responses such as email open rates, click through rates etc to have a better idea on segmentation.
Offer free educational content to your prospects so that they get an actionable insight and knowledge about something, they are looking answers for.
For example, offer a free course or relevant tips every 3-5 days. Another way is to send them blog links with a little preview provided in the email. This would help you monitor the conversion rates when a prospect clicks on your link.
I am sure you are willing to ask, ‘Why does offering free education work?’
Here’s why: When you offer free content to your cold prospects, you are putting an effort to build up a relationship based on trust with them. This trust can help you earn dollars in return for your free valuable content.
Since everybody likes free stuff, prospects will eventually believe that your business is helpful. Consider Dropbox’s simple email.
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I know it can be disheartening when your leads go cold as it may seem like a lost opportunity. And we all know the importance of each customer.
But if you put in the right efforts and travel an extra mile to make your prospects realize that you truly care for them, you can probably engage a much larger and converting audience.

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