Friday, 8 November 2019

How to use Quora for SEO – S1E58

Quora is a Question and Answer platform / community. Indians are the second highest number of users on Quora (after USA). You can create an account on Quora and find topics of your interest. Each topic would have many questions which present you with the opportunity of answering them. How do you make use of Quora from a SEO perspective ?
1. Identify Content Topics: is a goldmine to discover topics on which you can create content. Simple type in in a business relevant topic on Quora (search bar on top) and you will get questions related to those topics. You can pick questions that have very high traction (weekly / all time views) and look on building similar content for your blog.
2. Publishing content on Quora: Quora question pages are optimised for SEO. If you search for a particular question on Google, it is highly likely that you will find a Quora page showing up in SERPs. Let’s say you have a question “How to buy insurance online” and you type it into Google. If a Quora page shows up its likely because many people have answered that question on Quora. You pick pick such relevant questions and write your answers on Quora. You will get referral traffic from answers written on Quora.
Not many people know that Quora allows you to create and publish blogs. You can have multiple blogs on Quora under your profile – these are created as sub-domains on Quora. Sometimes Quora blogs show up in Search Engines which gives you relevant traffic.
3. Link Building: All the links available from Quora are no-follow links, but still these links are valuable, simply because Quora is a high authority domain and Google also values implied links (brand mentions with no link back to brand website). You can get links from various sections on Quora –
a. Profile: You can link back to your personal / business website via your profile on Quora
b. Answers: Although you can get links from answers to your website, I would recommend not to overdo it. Many a times, your answers are moderated and would be rejected if they appear to be over-promotional (too many links back to your website).
c. Blogs: You can link from blogs published on Quora. Make sure you publish your website blog first and allow 10-15 days in between before cross-posting it on Quora.

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