Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to use email marketing to maximize your conversion in holiday season!

Holiday season is approaching quickly!
Have you prepared yourself to hit the market hard with some new email marketing tactics? If not, now is the time to make a strategy about how to make use of this thanksgiving season to boost your business by increasing open rates, click-through, and conversions rates.

With millions of users worldwide checking their emails regularly, it is must to know  how to use email marketing to increase sales and number of visitors on a website . According to an Email Statistics Report, in 2015 the number of worldwide email users were nearly 2.6 billion which is expected to increase at a healthy pace over the following years. And by the end of 2019 over one-third of world's population will be using emails.
Keeping the survey in mind, email marketing is a must to enhance your conversion rates. Before the holiday season kicks-off, get everything in line for your promotion campaign now. To make that easy for you, here we put them all in a single frame -  A Quick Guide for Email Marketing in Holiday Season . Read the following hacks to know how email marketing is helpful for business and how to generate more sales in e-commerce sites using email marketing.

 Hack #1: Flagged off a Promotion Campaign on Your Products or Services

Since holidays are nominated as the best time to boost the number of subscribers, so don’t miss out any chance to lure the users. Run a holiday promotion campaign on whatever you sell, i.e., product or service, even if your business nowhere relates to the holidays.

Offer major discounts and great deals throughout the lineup. Remember, if you want an edge over your competitors, you must have to show something different to your visitors which target the current happenings.

See how Williams-Sonoma send their holiday deals in email:

 Hack #2: Send Day-targeting Emails

Since the holidays are limited, send the day-specific mail to get engage with your users. During the holiday season, the sales are much higher than that of any other period of time in the year, reports say.

Just like Thanksgiving is the significant day, come up with something great to your customers that bring added happiness to them. Offerings could be useful ebooks, audio recordings or might be a physical gift hamper. Few more examples of the day-oriented emails could be  Thanksgiving Emails, Black Friday Emails, Cyber Monday Emails Christmas Emails and New Year Emails .

See this email from Animoto

 Hack #3: Emails Must-have Things

An email is a complete personality in itself, so before shooting it, you should give a check to all the must-have components in the email. First of all, ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly in terms of design and size, as almost 60% emails are read on mobile.

For an efficient marketing through emails, there are some factors which should be considered. Here we have listed some of the major facts in order to give a bump in the number of subscribers,

  •  Apply Segmentation theory,
  •  Send personalise emails with the help of data gathering tools or surveys,
  •  Add a welcome note for every new subscriber,
  •  Take follow-ups via automated emails,
  •  Include forwarding options on different social networks,
  •  Pay attention to the trendings.

 Hack #4: Shoot Catchy (Holiday-targeting) Subject Line

What makes you to open an email?
It must be the catchy subject line. A lot of promotional emails are deleted without being opened. This is simple as before offering anything inside the box, you first have to make the cover tempting.
Pay more attention in crafting  catchy subject lines , as they are the prime factors in opening an email. A smart subject line is quite helpful in increasing your conversion rates if the inside content matches with them. You can also make use of particular holiday to match it with the subject line.
Don’t forget, along with the killer subject line, your email must carry the promised content right next to it. If your subject line says ‘bumper sale on men’s footwear’, don’t start with women’s jeans.

 Hack #5: Affix Holiday-related Images, GIFs, Videos to Your Emails

Make your email looks attractive and tempting, and for this, you can add images, videos, also can send GIFs the most trending moving images. As far as concern of holiday season, you can send cheers with creative holiday graphics. Make your email a bit look like dipped in holiday fest.

See How sent Halloween sale email:

 Hack #6: Use Large Buttons

Make it more  highlighted  what you want to show to your customers. Instead of linked text for calls to action, use visually attractive large buttons. Since the number of people checking emails on mobile phones is considerably increasing, usage of large buttons in emails make it easier for them in the small screen.
It’s important to make the buttons appealing in appearance so that it doesn’t miss any chance to draw the attention of the viewer. User different colours to see which is more prominent in increasing a higher conversion.

I got an email from Grammarly which have one big, and stand out CTA button. See here:

 Hack #7: Resend Your Emails

Yeah! repeat your emails several times but not as spammer. A good practice is to send mails twice or thrice a week. Just because the users didn’t open your email in the first attempt, doesn’t mean they will do the same again or again. It may be the time or situation which avoided them from opening your email.

Don’t afraid to take the second chance. Gather the data and resend your emails to the recipients who didn’t open at the first time. The holiday season is the best time for that, when people are chilling and relaxing, they often check their mobile phones for something new.

 Hack #8: Rewind the Basics

In order to maximise the advantage from the holiday season, there may be some other basic tips for email marketing which are currently slipping out of your mind. So give it a fresh start, build your strategy from the base and put all the tactics in practice.

Final Hack - Never Quit!

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