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How to Manage a High-Performing Remote Marketing Team

How to Manage a High-Performing Remote Marketing Team
In a recent survey, over 35% of American employees stated that they would change their job for one that allowed full-time remote work.
When it comes to marketing, remote teams can allow you to take advantage of this employee trend, while at the same time bringing multiple benefits to your business:
  • Tapping into a wider global workforce allowing you to make a team with a well-rounded set of marketing skills.
  • Reduced overhead costs from no longer needing to maintain a large physical office.
  • Increased employee satisfaction by providing them the flexibility that employees are seeking.
  • The potential to increase employee engagement and productivity if you manage your team effectively.
It all starts with the right people
Choose the right people for remote marketing team
Invest in getting to know each other
Invest in getting to know each other for remote marketing team
  • Adding an element to team meetings of team members sharing something exciting from their personal lives.
  • Creating periodic team-building type events where colleagues can share something they’re passionate about outside of the workplace.
Agree on the ground rules
  • When should everyone be available online for real-time collaboration?
  • What is the expected time frame for returning emails?
  • What is the policy for working on weekends and holidays?

Provide the tools to collaborate

In order to keep your remote marketing team on task and productive, you may want to consider some of the following types of tools:
  • A secure team communication platform can help facilitate your team’s collaboration by providing them a virtual workplace where they can securely work together.
  • A task accountability tool can help your team keep track of their marketing tasks and workflows, and see what others are working on.
  • A content calendar can map out what content your team should publish, where and when.
Mistake to avoid: Relying on a wide mix of different tools. This can leave your team vulnerable to security risks and create a confusing communication environment.

Train and monitor

Train and monitor for remote marketing team
Take time to reflect and praise
Take time to reflect and praise for remote marketing team
In conclusion
Tapping into the remote working trend can help you create a marketing team that is flexible, innovative, and most importantly, high performing. In order to accomplish this, however, it’s important to take steps to provide the right environment for your team to thrive.
With a well thought out management approach, a remote marketing team can be just the thing to kick start your business’ growth!
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