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How to Make your Customers to Promote Your Business for You

The customers today have more options than ever before. This is leading most of the customers to research well and engage with the brand before they make an actual purchase with them.
This has put a considerable pressure on the brands to provide even more extending value at every step of the customer’s journey. And making the process to convert customers even more difficult.
Thus, you can take help of the most important asset that you have in your business- your customers.
So, if you want to earn a position in the market and make your business known to a significant number of people, you can make your Customers Promote Your Business for You.
Here is how you can do so:

1. Ask them for their valuable feedbacks

When you are using your existing customers to promote your business for you, it is basically due to the authenticity and effectiveness of word of mouth marketing.
Asking the valuable feedback of your customer is a great and one of the most trusted ways of asking them to promote the business you.
According to a market research, a website visitor forms an opinion about your company in about 8 seconds. This means that you only have a span of 10 seconds to transform a potential lead into a converting customer.
You can easily do this by diverting your potential visitors to the customer testimonials and happy customer experiences on your website.
This method also works as human trust the opinions of others when it comes to judging a new thing, as per human psychology. When new visitors read persuasive testimonials from your customers, they get persuaded to take an action.
You can also add your customer’s identity to the feedback to increase a level a trust. Another one of the best ways is to use different channels like email and social media platforms to collect customer feedback.
Consider, for example, you can create a Facebook page for your brand, where customers can leave their valuable feedbacks. This way you are also creating your online presence more significantly.
Image Source: NeilPatel Blog

2. Create case studies of your clients

Another way of marketing your products is to provide interesting insights to your prospective customers. These insights can be provided with the help of case studies. You can choose different ways to create a case study.
For example, one way is to pen down a case study in your own words, while another way is to ask your customers to contribute to certain sections of the case study.
The latter works best in practical situations because, again, visitors get a sense of trust and reliability by knowing the insights provided by other customers.
You can, therefore, ask your customers to provide insights such as the initial challenges faced by them and the effective results that they received after purchasing or subscribing to the product and service of your business.
In such cases, your prospects are more likely to trust the words of your case studies because they are directly coming from a reputable reference. It is usually advised to include 1 to 3 testimonials in your case studies.
The main purpose of these testimonials is to show the customer satisfaction level of your product or service.

3. Differentiate your brand quite distinctly

This is one of the major steps that you can take if you want to Make your Customers to Promote Your Business for You.
Most of the successful brands are ruling the markets because they are able to distinguish themselves clearly from their competitors by an altogether different customer experience.
Consider, for example, the brand Apple is distinct in making its products and already has a loyal customer base.
Similarly, you can achieve this for your brand, not necessarily by making enemies, but by separating your customer satisfaction standards from others in the market.
Consider that if you are selling laptop skins in the market just like your other competitors, you can stand out with your customer experience by making a video of ‘how to stick laptop skins on your laptops’.
This way the customer has some distinct features to remember about your business and they are sure to tell it to others.
Ultimately, it is a win- win situation for your business. You are providing an outstanding customer experience to your existing customers along with giving them a reason to recommend it to others.
Image Source: Invesp

4. Let your customers be the content creators

Content marketing as we know is one of the fastest marketing channels these days. Not only you earn a good reputation in the market by providing excellent content to customers but also make your online presence more visible by getting rankings for your content.
In order to take advantage of this situation you can hold contests and quizzes on digital media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. many companies have tested this method and are successfully using it.
For example, they ask their customers to take a selfie picture with their product and post it on the social media with a particular hashtag. An adding factor would be to engage the customers with a prize involved in such contests.
Customers love what is given to them for free, even if it requires taking small quizzes for it. Crafting such social media campaigns can help you boost your conversion rates and make your customers market your products even more.
And the content submitted by the customers will be trusted more because it is transparent and authentic.

5. Referral program comes to the rescue

One thing that will never grow old in the field of marketing is referral programs for your customers. You can easily ask your customer to refer you to others in return for a special reward for them.
According to a recent market study, the likelihood of a customer to stay with a particular brand is 18 percent more when they are referred as compared to the customers who are not referred.
Thus, referral marketing apart from retaining the customer helps in generating more effective and converting leads for your business.
Marketing can be an easy affair if understood appropriately. Customers are the biggest assets that a company has and using them to promote your business is another great idea that is achieved by a few simple steps.
All you need to do is stay clear on your goals and provide the best level of satisfaction for your customer.

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