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How to Make a Website Without Paying Anything?

How to Make a Website Without Paying Anything?
If you have ever thought about the possibility of creating a website without paying anything, then you’ve probably thought that it is close to impossible. There are so many web design companies offering expensive web building services that an opportunity to build a website for free seems a kind of a joke.
Fortunately, this is not a joke, but reality nowadays and the use of website builders is the best proof of this fact.

Do You Have to Pay to Make a Website?

Is it really possible to create a website for free? Actually, it is, but the final decision should depend upon your intentions, project implications and expectations.
Free websites are generally developed with several purposes:
  • If you are interested in a certain website builder for example, but are not sure about its functionality or web development advantages, you can try using it for free. This will give you the understanding of whether the service is worth the investment for your serious projects in future.
  • Likewise, you can use a free site builder to make a sketch of your website to see how its full-featured version will look online. Most web building platforms offer these services at no cost to build user trust and encourage clients to keep working with them, upgrading for paid subscriptions to avail more benefits.
Another way to get a free website is to use a website builder that has a free plan. Open-source CMS also provide this opportunity with further website publication on hosting. Some hosting providers offer free disk storage space along with opportunity to install WordPress, but apply severe website restrictions in addition to these advantages. Mind that, in most cases, you’ll have to choose a third-level domain provided by the hosting of your choice. However, if you intend to create a promo website for your company or an online store, then free option doesn’t come up to your needs at all.
When looking for a web building tool that will feature decent price/quality correlation, it makes sense to consider using website builders. These services make it possible to create different website types to meet diverse needs, characteristics and budgets with no coding skills required. Many of them, though, allow building websites without paying any fees at all. At the same time, they offer enhanced options that boost your project design and performance, being available at reasonable cost.
With an extensive choice of website builders and CMS, it’s not easy to select the service that is the best in the niche. Thus, we have singled out three of them, which are the leaders in terms of the ease of use and options offered.

WordPress – Free CMS with Advanced Features

WordPress website builder
WordPress – is a free open-source CMS that is one of the world-popular platforms used to create quality professional websites. The system abounds in web design options, tools and features needed to build functional and well-structured websites of diverse complexity level. Knowledge of coding skills and web design basics is desirable to get the most out of using the service. However, it’s possible to go without deep web building expertise to create visually-appealing websites with the system.

Free WordPress Features

  • Rich Template Selection. There are hundreds of templates applicable for multiple niches, which can be customized by using a variety of tools. Some templates are integrated into the system by default, while others are developed by third-party designers. When choosing the latter variant, make sure to check the reputability of an expert you’re going to deal with.
  • Plugins. The system implies the use of plugins, integration of which will notably boost website performance. Plugins are also available on the web and can be downloaded and installed either for free or for extra cost.
  • Powerful Blogging Engine. WordPress was initially built to create blogs, and, thus, its blogging engine provides multiple tools and options to let you complete this task with ease.
  • Website Code Editing Option. If you have good command of programming basics, you can use the knowledge to edit website code and create unique website design.
  • Free Hosting Selection. The system doesn’t offer integrated hosting, yet it allows selecting any host of your choice based on the specific needs and requirements.
  • Extensive Community. Users from all over the world will help you solve almost any website-related problem.
WordPress is initially a free CMS, but to create a full-fledged website with the 2nd level domain connected to it, you should use the platform with hosting, which will come up to all the website needs. The number one official web host recommended by WordPress is Bluehost, which has become one of the industry leaders over recent years. The platform ensures fast page loading, strong uptime rates, advanced security tools to prevent hacker attacks, integration with other services and affordable pricing policy. The Basic Plan costs $2.95/mo only, offering you a domain name as a bonus.
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uKit – Almost a Free Service with Intuitive Interface

uKit website builder
uKit – is currently the easiest website builder, which aims at launching websites for small and medium businesses. The entire feature set of the platform is geared towards this goal. uKit is also known for its extensive set of free features that contribute to the effective development of the web building process.

Free uKit Features

  • Responsive Templates. The website builder offers impressive website templates, which are responsive, niche-specific and available for free for all Premium plan subscribers. The system allows switching between the templates in case of necessity without any extra payments.
  • Widget Collection. uKit has an extensive collection of widgets that can be integrated into your website to boost its performance and enhance visual appeal
  • Visual Editor. The website builder comes with convenient and intuitive WYSIWYG website editor and drag-and-drop feature to simplify the web design process and put a user in charge of it.
  • SSL Certification. To protect your website from unauthorized website access and leak of confidential information (either personal or business), the system lets you connect the SSL Certificate. This doesn’t mean, of course, that all uKit website owners need this feature. It matters more for users, who plan to sell their products or services through the website.
  • Blogging Option. With uKit, you can connect a blog to your website to stay in touch with website visitors and provide them with useful business-related information.
  • eCommerce Platform. The website builder lets you create an online store in two ways – either by connecting the eCommerce widget or by integrating an Ecwid plugin.
The website builder doesn’t have a completely free plan, but the cost of the cheapest subscription available in the system constitutes $4/mo only for the Premium Plan with unlimited hosting and traffic. This is more than affordable for the extensive range of professional services, features and tools the website builder offers. The advanced plans will come in handy to users, who wish to launch eCommerce websites or fully customize their projects with regard to their needs.
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Wix – Free Website Builder with Unlimited Options

Wix – is the all-in-one website builder, which provides extensive web building options and allows launching different types of websites for commercial and non-commercial use. The platform works equally well for beginners, who have never been involved into website development before as well as for proficient web designers, who work on the development of complex projects for their clients. Wix doesn’t require coding skills or serious financial investments, offering a broad range of free features instead.

Free Wix Features

  • Wix ADI. The Artificial Design Intelligence tool uses the submitted personal or business information to automatically create any website type for you.
  • Desktop and Mobile Website Editors. Apart from using Wix ADI, the system also makes it possible to manually customize your website in standard and mobile editors. The changes made in the standard editor are automatically displayed in the mobile version, while those made in the mobile mode are not visible in the desktop website version.
  • Template Collection. The website builder currently offers over 550 high quality mobile-ready website templates that are also 100% customizable to come up to various thematic and web design needs.
  • Free App Market. There are multiple free extensions and widgets available in Wix App Market, which can give your website advanced performance and great visual appeal.
  • Code Integration. Users with coding skills can use them to create unique website designs that will drive user attention.
  • Blogging Engine. Wix allows connecting a blog to your website for free to stay in touch with users, add blog posts, manage them and encourage people to take active part in the life of your blogging community.
  • eCommerce. The website builder lets you create and manage small-to-mid-sized online stores, providing a set of customizable options (tax management, design customization tools, payment and shipping options and what not).
  • Free SEO Wizard. Free SEO Wiz tool contributes to better promotion of your website in the search engines, making it possible to set up the required website SEO parameters, which will eventually drive more traffic to it, increasing its visibility in the search engines.
Free Wix plan allows using all the advantages of the website builder with almost no restrictions at all. However, if you need to connect your own domain to the website or sell products online, it makes sense to go for a paid plan. Wix has five paid subscriptions starting with $4.50 per month. This is more than affordable offer for such an amazing feature set.
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Bottom Line

If your aim is to launch a quality and functional website with little or no investment of time, then you won’t find a better solution than website builders or CMS. There are many of them available out there and it’s only up to you to make the final choice depending upon the characteristics and special features of each service you come across.
WordPressWordPress is the most popular free CMS, which comes with deep design customization options and powerful feature set. The system was initially built for blogging purposes, but it’s now used to launch other types of websites as well. It requires the choice of proper hosting, recommending Bluehost as the top provider for its

uKituKit is the most affordable and the easiest small business website builder. The area of its specialization initially goes down to the development of small and medium business websites. The system is easy-to-use, convenient and understandable for

WixWix is the best free website builder, which provides a broad range of out-of-the-box features, design customization tools and advanced integration options. The system makes it possible to create different types of websites and works well for users with diverse web design

If you wish to develop your website and give it maximum efficacy, then take your time to select the required subscription plan to use all the benefits of the services for as long as you need to avail maximum result.

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