Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to Make Engaging Email Content to Drive Conversions

We live in the “Age of Customers” – According to Forrester research.

Meet today’s buyer – Digital Buyer. Thanks to Smartphones, Social Media & Web, these channels provide instant information to customers. Consumers can access detailed information and reviews about services/products anytime anywhere – Just need finger/thumb with a Smartphone. And, social media provides a great platform to check the social activity of all SMEs and it gives consumers a way to compare.

Traditional & old marketing mediums are becoming less effective as buyers are becoming smart & tech-savvy. Buyers today require full proof about the product, selling company, and the sales person as well. It’s very simple, if they don’t keep communications engaging, I’ll opt out.

So, by the time a buyer visits you, he probably has already made his purchasing decision, so don’t be just a typical sales girl/man; be a smart advisor or counselor.
Happy customers helps to build ROI: Happy customers helps generate references. – Sarv Blog
If you want to win your customers, understand their needs and entertain each and every customer individually and personally.

These statistics will give you a full insight:
  1. 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day.
  2. There are nearly 4.1 billion email accounts worldwide by year end 2015, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.
  3. Email is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2016 and email traffic is estimated to grow to over 192 billion emails sent per day by 2016.

                                        WHAT IS ENGAGING EMAIL MARKETING?                                      

Be More relevant, conversational (avoid sales pitch), and strategic.
Remember that the best campaigns aren’t about you or what you want subscribers to do. They’re about your subscribers and what they want.” - Matt Blumberg, Chairman & CEO of Return Path
You know what is the difference between a known company and an alien company. What is that pinch which makes your customer remember you. After all, other companies are delivering the same work which you are delivering. Then why they will come to you. It’s because of your content, your unique story that makes them pull towards you.
“Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.”-Immanuel Kant
Hence, your content shows what you and your company have in unique and special. So, if there is something which signifies your brand and gives your customers a luminous reason why they can trust you then why to take a risk in it.

In my point of view, you have to start acting as a journalist to deliver, a very informative yet very interesting content.

#1. Design:
Keep the width of email template under 600 pixels for desktop design to ensure subscribers won’t have to scroll.
Create a consistent experience, look & feel for your email and the landing page or website.
Place the most important information first because most of people have very less time to read your full message.
Keep it short & simple. If you have more information to convey, just give link to a page on your website where subscribers can learn more.
Use bullet points & heading, so that subscribers can easily understand your information.
Make sure your email looks good with images & without images. Email must be mobile responsive.
Provide a clickable preheader which summarizes your message.

#2. Content & Subject Line:
Your customers a really busy and they receive a lot of emails daily, so what’s so special about you that they would, crossing all those emails reach to you and open your email.
Use a compelling subject line and break your blogs into parts because nobody like to read a long paragraph.
Make your emails scannable by adding images and broken paragraphs so that it won’t t ask more than two minutes to understand your whole email.
Make your Newsletter Your Commitment!
Keep your subject lines short and sweet. It should be of maximum 50 characters. Yes, I understand It’s quite difficult to express your whole email in so few words, but it’s effective.

#3. Calls-to-Action (CTA):
You must add an action oriented & relevant call-to-action (CTA) button in your email newsletter.
Using of big, colorful CTA button can help you to get conversions. Linking CTA to relevant landing pages. So, subscribers know what they’ll get when to click the button.
It is a way to invite subscribers to take an action which avoids spamming.
The Proper color decision for buttons and place them either at start or end of email message.
Make sure calls-to-action are immediately noticeable when a user quickly looks your content. It must be visible, even with images turned off.

#4. Special Tools:
Here I have given 15 weapons to get into the battle of Content Marketing and win the success. Check out all the tools and discover you key tools which can give success in your business.
It’s not necessary that same tools can help in all types of business in the same manner. It depends on your business very much that which tools going to perfect for your business.
For that, you have to make yourself handy with all the new and latest tools. If you’ve some of the tools acting as your key tool ten, please share with us.
#1. Feedly#9. Reddit
#2. 10. Tagboard
#3. Quora#11. Buzzsumo
#4. Pulse#12. Visually
#5. Contently#13. Google + What’s Hot
#6. Delicious
#7. Altop#15. Topsy
#8. Twitter

#5. Never Act As A Robot:
Think about when you call in a company and some machine starts talking to you. It’s really frustrating, right?
After all, nobody likes talking to a robot.
The same goes for your emails also. Never go for a “” I am serious and repeating again, never use this email address. Not only it looks less personable, it even stops people from adding you to their address book.

#6. Make Your Email Mobile Responsive:
55% of emails are now opened and read on mobile devices.
It is very very important to make your emails Mobile responsive. If your email is not getting opened in mobile devices correctly then you’re next to the extinct. So before you throw out your campaign make sure whatever you’re sending it should be Mobile friendly.
When asked which medium consumers would like to receive updates from, 90% preferred an email newsletter, while only 10% chose Facebook. - Nielsen Norman Group

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