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How to improve your website performance? – By SEO Experts in Pune

SEO experts in Pune

Your client’s website is built. So many numbers of hours spent in the design and production of the site.
You are doing all well from keeping the informative content, increase your number of reviews, earning the good number of backlinks but still lagging behind in getting a good number of organic traffic. If this is what you are experiencing then you must have a look at mobile page speed.
Almost a year ago on July 2018, Google updated its algorithm for page speed. It was clear in this update that web pages with slow speed will be affected. Google ranks the websites based on mobile page speed and slow page speed must be addressed. If your website speed is not fast then your website has more bounce rate and that decreases the conversion.
SEO experts Pune
SEO experts in Pune suggest that we must determine if mobile speed scores are affecting the website traffic and rank. Analyze well how we can make it better.

PageSpeed Insight Tools

There are several tools to check the page speed of the website but here we are going to focus on Google PageSpeed Insight Tool. This tool is trusted and provides an appropriate result. So if your webpage performs well or scores well for this tool then they are going to pass in every other tool present online.
Here is an example of one of my client’s website where we notice the traffic drop after Google updated its algorithm with a mobile speed update in July 2018 with its Google PageSpeed Insight score. Here we can see that Page speed is in single digit.
SEO experts
This is just one of the examples, SEO experts in Pune have seen while reviewing several websites with respect to its traffic. If your webpage score in single-digit (below 40), take it seriously and you got to work towards it. I also advise you to analyze competitor’s page speed if it is better than your website.

Know if your webpage speed is the culprit:

Have a look at a few points below to determine whether low mobile page speed has an adverse effect on website traffic.
  • PageSpeed insight on your competitors:
SEO experts in Pune advice you must run a Speed test for at least 5 of your competitors who are doing better than you on SERP. Also, start to notice new competitor who you might have not been in your list but they are ranking better than you on SERP. Also, you have to run the test at different times of the day, we have also noticed higher page score during the night due to lower server loads.
  • Analyze competitors with traffic stimulator tools:
You can analyze two years of traffic trends of your competitors with tools like SEMRUSH, Ahref, and Spyfu. Here you would know how they were performing before Google mobile page speed algorithm update and after the update.
  • SEO Metrics:
Other than competitors 2 years traffic trends and mobile page speed score, we have to look for other SEO metrics like domain authority, page authority and word count of the content of the webpage appearing on SERP.

You will also have test all your top-performing pages periodically whether your mobile page Speed is the culprit for your traffic decline.
Low Hanging fruits
After the analysis of all your web pages page speed, if you find your mobile page speed is lower than the competitors. Here are things you can look upon right away without redesigning your website:
  • No to sliders:
Sliders are one of the major speed killers. We have noticed double-digit improvement of page speed when we tested the website after sliders turned off. The solution could be to use a single image and replace the slider by creating text overlay. You would definitely have noticeable improvement in webpage mobile speed.
  • Image formats:
Google prefers latest image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP, because of their better quality and compression with respect to the older formats that could be uploaded quickly.
  • Image compression:
Large images or big size images causes low page speed for web and mobile both. There are a lot number of online tools for image compression and can compress the images up to 50%. WordPress has added advantage that you can use plugins like WPsmush etc for image compression. These plugins automatically detect images from the media library and compress them if they can be compressed.
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Also if you are not comfortable to use the plugin then you can use free online tools to compress the images and upload. Believe me, we have seen the drastic change in page speed after image compression.
  • Tracking codes:
We know that digital marketers or SEOs add many tracking codes but often forget to remove the unused one. Those unused tracking codes gets accumulated and is one of the reasons to add up a lot of overhead to the page load, results in low mobile page speed of the webpage.
These are a few things that I tried to explain to track your mobile page speed and how you can improve it. If your traffic is declining and it is noticeable then it’s worth taking yourself towards improving mobile page speed.
Upgrade your SEO strategy for your actual user experience.  Make your website visitor experience as smooth as you can, especially for your mobile site. This will also take you to the next level of improving the UX of the website. And who knows you will be one step ahead when Google announces its next update is to improve search engine quality for the mobile user.
We, SEO experts in Pune have expertise in doing SEO for every business. We are always updated with new trends of SEO and Google Updates.
Get in touch with us as we are one of the best SEO experts in Pune, to know more about how you can attract the right traffic to your website that is more likely to get converted.

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