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How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert
Building a new website from scratch without professional support was quite a challenge a decade ago. You would probably need a team of coders, graphic and web designers, testers, and other specialists to go online with a solid project. The development process took weeks and months and cost a fortune.
Wix website builder was designed to make things much easier. The initial idea was to help newbies with no coding skills to create their own sites without assistance at minimum costs. The platform has eventually grown into one of the most popular and simplest drag-and-drop tools at affordable prices. Although using the software is not rocket science, some users might still need an expert to ensure future project success as well as promotion capabilities.
This time we will discuss how to choose a Wix expert when you might need him, and how much the services might cost.

What Type of Wix Expert Do You Need?

The first thing you need to do is to realize what type of expert you actually need. It depends on the future goals whether you need to build a new site from scratch, create some additional graphic elements for an already existing website, set up website SEO or customize some of the pages with the access to HTML/CSS.
Let’s divide all Wix experts into three major categories. Of course, there might be some exceptions depending on your objectives. At least, you will have a clear understanding of whom to look for.

1. Graphic Designers

Those experts are mainly specialized in creating graphical elements and images for your website. They may help you with a logo, advertising banners, etc. You may hire them in case you need custom icons to highlight some of your services or features. Graphic designers may help you to create a website favicon, etc.
Keep in mind that those experts never deal with coding. Moreover, they do not have enough programming skills to customize the existing pages to build a new website from scratch for you. On the other hand, if you run a growing online business or a digital store, you will obviously need the services provided by graphic designers at some point. They may create a stunning and exclusive popup or contact form for you, come up with a stylish header that meets custom dimension, improve overall website usability with some trendy design elements.

2. Coders and Programmers

Those experts might be helpful whenever you need to go far beyond custom Wix templates or want to develop an exclusive widget that cannot be found in the Wix App Market. In this case, you will require experts who know how to work within the Wix Corvid development platform that appears to be a comprehensive front-end environment.
Corvid provides developers with an access to various source coding tools and editors to modify website’s UI design elements as well as retaining the code flexibility. Developers will have an access to Corvid’s API to improve website marketing and SEO performance, build dynamic pages, integrate promotion instruments, etc.

3. Web Designers

Those experts combine the previews two competencies. They are good coders, know programming languages, and have designing capabilities. Web designers have enough expertise to create a brand new website layout for you as well as some of its elements like a booking form or a website calculator. They know how to code, although Wix does not require those skills in most cases.
Website designers usually charge more if compared to graphic designers and developers. On the other hand, hiring them you get an all-in-one solution whenever you need professional assistance. At the same time, customers should be 100% sure, a candidate will handle the task. In other words, you need to know where to look for the most professional and experienced experts and how to check their expertise level.

Hubs to Look for Wix Experts

The Global Web is full of freelance marketplaces and hubs to look for a Wix specialist. Checking all of them will take a long time, while your project call for fast deployment. Here you will find some of the best places to look for a Wix expert. They may differ in prices although you may still find the one to meet your budget.

Wix Arena

If you have chosen the Wix platform to build a website and require professional assistance, Wix Arena should be the first place to look for a specialist. It introduces a huge pool of web designers and developers specialized in Wix website builder. They have proved to be experts in using the tool and may handle any task for you from building new sites of any type to designing custom templates, features setup, integration, etc.
Wix Arena Experts
Specialists: the marketplace boasts over 100 of dedicated web design experts from around the globe. They may help you with web designing, content production, SEO and marketing, domain and website setup, build a new site or change the existing one.
How it works: all you need is to log in to your Wix account and go to Wix Arena. Then you need to indicate your goals and type of services you need. On the next stage, you may choose from local or global experts. If you are done, you will get access to Wix exerts’ list along with their portfolios and rates. You should note that Wix does not regulate the pricing policy. Each specialist establishes his or her own rates.
Service cost: the marketplace has a simple feature to let users choose a budget they need. The cost starts from $500 and may go up to over $3000 depending on the type of service you need.

Freelance Platforms

While not everyone can afford to opt for Wix Arena specialists considering the price tag, freelance marketplaces and forums might be a more cost-effective solution. You may visit websites like Upwork and look for Wix experts there. The main difference is that no one will ever guarantee the level of expertise.
Upwork Wix Experts
Specialists: platforms like Upwork introduce experts in various fields. Here you may find a web or graphic designers, coders, testers, programmers, etc.
How it works: The system has a simple navigation system to sort out specialists by categories, rates or other parameters. You will find a short introduction about each candidate in addition to some portfolio links. You may look through a profile and decide if a candidate suits you fine. If it does, simply click on the “contact” button and get in touch to discuss details.
Service cost: the price depends on the level of expertise. While less experienced freelancers may charge from $20 to $45 per hour, dedicated gurus usually cost between $80 and $150 per hour. Moreover, you should note that some freelance marketplaces charge fees for their services.

Full-Cycle Web Development Agencies

The last and probably the simplest way is to go online and search for a Wix specialized development firm. You will come across numerous websites and development companies. All of them promise great services although the price might be a bit too high. The main advantage is that reputable firms offer Agile Methods, which means you are always aware of what has been done starting from prototyping to A\B testing and deployment. In other words, you follow the entire building process along with developers with a chance to make changes and modifications.
Specialists: a full-cycle agency means a pool of experts starting from designers and coders to programmers, marketers, testers, personal managers, etc. It will work out for complicated projects when you need a huge website for a growing business with tons of perks and features to implement.
Service cost: hiring professional developers is a challenge for the wallet. As a rule, they offer packaged services costing somewhere between $2000 and $5000 depending on the project complexity. Good news is that price usually includes debugging, maintenance, and support after the deployment.

Tips to Check the Expertise Level

Wix is one of the most powerful and yet easy to use website builders. However, you might need professional assistance at some point of your website lifespan and evolution. While the platform was designed mainly for newbies and beginners, they may find it hard to define the expertise level of a particular candidate. You need to consider several vital aspects from fair value to portfolio, experience, creativity, etc.

1. Exclusiveness and Creativity

Opting for a web designer only because of years of experience is hardly a good idea. You need to be 100% sure, he or she is able to establish an aesthetic and innovative approach to mundane tasks. An expert is supposed to have a natural gift when it comes to putting shapes, colors, and codes together. The portfolio does not always say true about the candidate. Feel free to learn the following:
  • Years of experience.
  • Education and university.
  • Previous projects of agencies.
  • Sources of inspiration.
  • Approaches when completing a task.
  • Experience in working with Wix.

2. Digital Competence

The times of Photoshop are almost gone while new trendy and advanced software appears on the web. The more tools a web designer is able to use the better for your website. Software proficiency might be the key factor. Do not hesitate to ask questions about:
  • Programs and software used by the candidate.
  • The number of successfully completed Wix projects.

3. Productivity Level

Every user looks for a person who is able to meet deadlines and perform a decent level of dependability. Efficiency is the issue we all look for. A perfect Wix expert should be able to:
  • Handle several projects at once.
  • Keep track of time and meet deadlines.
  • Provide enough means for clients to stay in touch.
In some cases, you might also negotiate the terms of marketing and law to avoid copyright violations in case your website is truly unique and stunning.

The Bottom Line

Wix experts might help you build a new site from scratch as well as update already existing pages, create new elements, etc. You need to be 100% sure you actually need that assistance. If so, there are several simple ways to find a good professional at your budget.
A path to find a Wix expert might be daunting unless you use some proven sources like Wix Arena. The result of expert’s work will totally depend on their qualification. Opting for freelance hubs might be a cheaper solution. On the other hand, no one will guarantee enough level of expertise. Hiring full-cycle web development agencies is good for those with unlimited budgets. However, in this case you should be ready to pay for every extra update or modification. In addition, even slight changes might take much time.
Wix Arena look like a better option among all available variants, as all specialists are experienced in working with the platform and capable to complete various tasks from classic website creation to advanced customization solutions.

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