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How to Hire Full Stack Developers for Your Project: Now Simplified…!!!

How to Hire Full Stack Developers

Do you believe hiring full stack developers is a tough nut to crack?  
Surely Not..!!!
In this blog, we will provide you with an in-depth idea about different types of full-stack programmers and how to find and hire the right one for your project.
The article will also further assist you in making a decision about when to hire full stack developers and what are the qualities that you should look out in one. To add more, the challenges, interview process, and some insights, tips related to the hiring of a full-stack developer are also shared in the article. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

Who Is A Full-Stack Developer?

In the broadest terms, a full-stack developer is generally an individual who possesses the capability to create and maintain all the components, necessary to run a web application. These components generally belong to front-end, backend layers as well as all DevOps activities.
In other words, full-stack developers are capable of developing a full-fledged application for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. They have a general understanding of front-end, backend, and also possess skills to tinker around servers, databases, APIs, MVCs, multiple hosting environments, and much more.

Who is Full Stack Developer
Although that doesn’t mean full-stack developers are expert in everything. They have a general working knowledge of all the required technologies.
No two full-stack developers are the same. Their knowledge generally varies in two ways. First is their knowledge related to a specific technology stack, and secondly mastery in specific layers of the stack. Some popular web stacks include LAMP, ROR, MEAN, and ASP.NET technologies.
You, as a recruiter, must also know that full-stack developers, in some instances, will have stronger skill set in one particular domain in comparison to others.
Some professionals might be more experienced with front-end work, whereas others will be more efficient in working with the back end side. But, the point is you shouldn’t get disheartened by this. Talented full-stack developers will always improve their skills and learn new things with time.
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Here Are Some Of The Full Stack Layers:

The Front-end

Front-End Development
The front-end layer includes all the visual elements of a web app. In general, three essential technologies are used to create a seamless and rich user experience: CSS for style, HTML for structure, and JavaScript for logic.
While hiring an individual with good front-end skills, always look for their previous work, whether they have designed beautiful-looking websites that are fast and snappy.
The Back-end

Back-End Development
This layer refers to all the components that are working or part of a server. These are invisible to the end user, yet no advanced application can work without them.
The backend part mostly takes full responsibility for business logic, database maintenance, and providing caching. It’s much more technical.
While evaluating backend skills of a person, look out for his previous work like proper API design & documentation, database design schemes, correct endpoint behaviour, etc. You might have to take the help of some domain experts to verify his/her skills in case you lack the required expertise.

Lastly, DevOps activities refer to all those actions that are required to acquire and manage servers, scale up or scale out the capabilities of the system, and deploy & update applications.
Professionals who handle this layer are also responsible for creating and managing databases, cloud storage, caches, and proprietary cloud APIs. You can assess the DevOps skills of an individual’s by going through his/her past experience with administrating servers, scaling systems, automatic monitoring of multiple servers & deployment of the cluster, and managing cloud hosting providers.

When To Hire Full Stack Developers?

When You’re Just about to Roll Out Company Operations
It is usually recommended to start a new web project with a single full-stack developer as they will build solutions, right from scratch and will lay out application components where they need to be.
So you can hire a full-stack developer for overseeing the entire development of a new project, and coordinating its work progress in all areas.

When to hire full stack developers
When You are looking for A Skilled & Talented Technical Lead
Yes, it is always a good idea to hire full stack developers when your development team is without a technical leader.
You, as an owner of IT business, generally need a person who knows all layers & sublayers of a stack, ensures that everything works out smoothly, and maintain all the application elements together. A full-stack developer can efficiently perform all these duties mentioned above. So, hire full stack developer in such a scenario.
When Cost is a Constraint
When you are on a tight budget, you must prefer the option of hiring a full-stack developer for a particular budget. In the absence of a full-stack person, more developers would be present in your project, but the development won’t go faster as they will focus on specific parts, and will require consistent communication with each other, which again, will increase communication cost for you. You would be required to recruit a skilled leader and trust on all members, which can be a time-consuming & costlier.
When You Need an MVP and CTO
In case when you need a minimum viable product (MVP) to raise some funds, a full-stack developer is the best fit as he/she can do the work faster, cost-effectively, and with minimum quality compromise.
Similarly, when you are a skilled management expert with the ambition to start your own Firm but lack the technical skills, you must get along with a full-stack developer and offer him the role of a technical co-founder or Chief Technical Officer (CTO). A full-stack guy will always better oversee all technological operations of your firm as he possesses broad knowledge about the field.
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How To Hire A Full Stack Developer?

Here are some of the Qualities & Skills that you should look out while hiring a full-stack developer:
  1. Desire or passion for learning new things
  2. Understands the difference between stacks & technologies
  3. Know the latest technology trends & developments
  4. Have skills to get a detailed understanding of the overall business and customer requirements

Hiring Process of Full Stack Developer
Technical Skills that you should look out to hire full stack developers:
  1. In-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript technology
  2. Database programming knowledge (SQL, No-SQL for backend)
  3. Version Update & Control
  4. Deployment & Hosting knowledge
  5. Server Testing & Cloud Knowledge
  6. Third-party API integration/service knowledge
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Points To Assess A Potential Candidate During Hiring:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Check is cultural fit (or flexibility)
  • Able to work together in a Team without unnecessary cultural tensions
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty
From a technical point of view:

Skills of Full Stack Developer
  • Ask questions about their  past experiences related to handling projects
  • Ask about their project handling approach in different scenarios.
  • Ask them to submit some example source code they worked on before. It can be a side project or an open-source contribution.
  • Appoint a technical person to review the submitted code to check whether the code quality is good enough.
  • If you have a choice between sending a candidate a test project to implement or review their previous work, you should go with the second option.
  • You must always review their previous work for an extended period of time to check its validity.
Summing Up…!!!
We often feel that hiring a full-stack developer is a complex process as we have to assess & rate their capabilities in multiple domains. But, it’s not that hard; all you have to do is find a full-stack developer, who is the best fit for your project.

Full Stack Development
While hiring a full stack developer always check out their communication skills, cultural fit aspect and technical competence, and you will be good to go. Always remember that you can take the help of multiple technical experts to help you in the hiring of a full-stack developer.
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