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How to Find Out Website’s Hosting

How to Find Out Website’s Hosting
Do you face the need to find out what hosting a website uses? The reasons to define that may differ. You might wish to find out more about the owner of a competing platform, its statistics and functional parameters that affect its performance and traffic flow. You may also face the need to complain about the website host for some reason, especially if it puts your own project at risk.
Awareness of a certain hosting provider may also be useful, if you are looking for reliable service to host your website with. In this case, you may pick a website with good characteristics to further find out its host. Anyway, reliable and sustainable hosting is one of the surefire ways to establish nice web presence for your project. It also notably simplifies further project support and promotion. Another serious reason to detect the hosting of a website is regular spammer attacks that may eventually result in content stealing. Finally, you may be just curious to explore the available hosting options prior to picking the one of your own.
Whatever reasons you have to find out what hosting this or that website uses, there are several proven ways to do that:
  1. By the use of special services.
  2. By domain IP address.
  3. By domain name server.
All the variants are quite effective, but the first one has gained user recognition as the simplest and the quickest solution. There are many website hosting detection services out there, but all of them have the same mission: to help users find out the website host in less than no time.
In most cases, all you have to do is to provide the domain name of the website you are interested in and wait until the system analyses it and generates the result. That’s very easy and quick for everyone and that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and effective services you can use to define website host.

1. Services to Detect Website Host


Hosting Checker – is a web-based hosting detection service that provides professional lookup tool to ensure the most accurate and proven results. The system makes it possible to find out the most crucial information about the website, which is under the analysis. The parameters analysed and checked include general host information, Alexa Rank, online/offline website checker, Google page rank, Domain IP blacklist info, average load time speed, social statistics tracking etc. Hosting Checker uses the following tools:
  • Website Hosting Search Tool – just enter the domain name directly at the website and the service will look for its hosting among more than 5000 providers listed in its database;
  • Web Hosting IP Address Lookup Tool – it allows getting detailed information about the web host, its IP address and potential inclusion into the IP blacklist;
  • Website Location Tracking Tool – it lets you find out the location of your website or its domain;
  • Domain Whois and Age Detector – the tool that defines the age of the domain and its major SEO characteristics as well as its Whois data.
After the website is analysed, the system generates detailed reports enlisting all the crucial parameters and website data. You can view the reports online, but it’s also possible to download them as PDF files for further comparison.


Hosting Detector – is another popular hosting detector service, which allows identify website hosting in just a few seconds. Just enter the domain name or the URL of your project and activate the search process. The system will quickly analyze the website, looking for its hosting in a rich database.
After the analysis is completed, the system will provide info about the hosting provider, country the domain name is registered in and the WHOIS data. This is one of the easiest services you can find out there and it’s also absolutely free and understandable to everyone.


Domain Hosting Checker – is a system, which makes it possible to discover who is hosting a certain website. The system is a SEO tool, which lets you analyze and view specific information about different websites. This info generally comprises IP addresses, name servers, hosts etc. As a free online service, Domain Hosting Checker lets you enter and analyze up to 10 URLs at a time, thus, saving your effort and time. The free service does not require any preliminary installation and, thus, it generates results in a matter of seconds. Even newbies can use it with ease – so simple and understandable it is!
There are many reasons that speak in favor of using Domain Hosting Checker. To start with, this is the advanced and authentic service powered by Dupli Checker – the system that provides a broad array of free SEO tools, which make it possible to boost your website search engine positions. Secondly, the results generated by the system are trustworthy and proven. The tool is also extremely simple and it takes a few seconds only to find out the result. Finally, it delivers comprehensive data regarding website hosting and its IP address. That’s right what you actually need!


Website Host Checker – is a hosting detection service run and powered by Small SEO Tools. The system is free for everyone and it makes it possible to discover the host behind a certain website. To use the checker, you just need to reach the website, enter the URL of the site you are interested in and then click the “Check Hosting” button. You won’t have to wait for the results for a long time – they will be provided immediately. The website checker works great for new owners of websites, who are exploring the market, looking up for trusted providers that can ensure quality results and uptime guarantee. There is no need to sign up for the service – it is free and available any time of the day upon your request.

2. How to Check Website Hosting By Its IP Address

Whether you are a coding-aware user or not, you may try to figure out your website host by its IP address. To do that, just type the “ping” (or any other domain you are interested in) in the command line and memorize (or put down) the number combination displayed in the answer. This will be your website IP. Enter it after the line to see the contacts of the hosting provider and information about it. That’s quite easy and quick as well.

3. How to Find Out Website Host By the Name Server Domain

Another simple way to detect website hosting is by the Name Server (NS) domain. With this purpose, access the website and enter the domain name of the website, which is under the analysis. Then click the Search button and wait for the result.
Browse the “Whois Record” in the “nserver:” line of the test page. The main domain in the NS line is the hosting provider. By the way, this variant is one of the quickest options as well and it also works great for websites hosted on virtual servers.

Bottom Line

Conducting research about your niche competitors is one of the top aspects of successful marketing. Detection of the website hosting provider is the first step you can make in this direction. Information about the website host, its IP address, location and other technical parameters will come in handy to you, when picking the host for your own project.
There are several effective ways to find out your website hosting provider, but the use of special services reviewed in the article is still the most preferable solution. Website hosting detection services will provide you with a good insight into the web hosting provider and its must-have parameters. You can further use this info, while comparing the hosts in terms of their ranking, performance, geographic location, reliability, trust rating and other essential parameters. These aspects will become crucial, when making the final decision regarding the choice of the best host to come up to your needs.

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