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How to evaluate your website designing agency

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I had heard a quote sometime back which says “Don't rush the process… Good thinking and results take time”
Today, who isn’t there on the internet is not the question to be asked, it’s rather who is there on the internet and what are they doing on the internet!
This is an important matter of discussion today when every other organisation is making it presence known on the internet, by having a website, social media presence, google ranking. What really dominates you over your competition, is how your website is seen over your competition. They say that “POOR MAKES NO SENSE”
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Right website designing partner is like a good pilot flying you! A small mistake can land you in a big problem. So here are a few tips which you should keep in mind before you choose the right agency for your website designing services.
Tip to Evaluate
Following tips will help you evaluate your website designing partner in various aspects.

#Don’tRunAfterCheapest :

Evaluate the experience of the website designing Company. Don’t just look up at a company which is able to design a website in your budget. This is a common mistake which the majority of the organisations make. Can you afford to have the cheapest doctor to treat you or would you like to have the best doctor to treat you? Cheap and the best don’t coexist together, so it’s a choice for you to make... what is more important to you?

#LagacyMatters :

Check out the previous work done by the organisation, rather than just getting carried away with a commercial proposal and credentials being shared, which can be easily manipulated.


Check out the list of current projects which the organisation is currently executing. And based on those current websites, let it be from any industry, you will be able to understand the organisation’s capability of executing tech-savvy projects, in today’s technologically evolving world

#SeeingIsBelieving :

Just don't get carried away you should also be visiting company's website their reviews on the Google, social media post and based on that it would be easy for you to evaluate the reputation and the performance of the organisation.

#SolidPlatformLessCrashes :

Technology plays a very important role when making a website. This is different from making a brochure. It’s not just about the look! if your website doesn’t load properly or is not mobile compatible or doesn’t have the right technology platform, then your work on the entire website just goes for a toss.


Always check out the references from the website designing company and also ask for the contact details of a few customers, so that you can cross-check their experiences with the company and credentials of the company.
Last but not the least… And the most Important!


Check out the website of the designing company yourself along with conducting a few other audits, which are very critical
  • Check Google reviews of the organisation
  • Check out the social media pages of the website designing company. This will give you a fair idea about their team, projects executed and the culture they have in the organisation.
  • Ask for the audit report of the website designing company. If they fail to provide a proper report, that means they are not capable of executing a project, even for themselves.
  • Search if the website designing company’s website itself ranks top in the Google searches.  if it doesn’t rank themselves they won’t be able to rank you as well
Having been rated high in the industry, IKF believes in transparent transactions with customers, using innovative approaches when it comes to website designing. No two customer websites by IKF will look even remotely similar. This gives you an upper hand compared to your competition
IKF has provided website designing services for more than 500 customers over the last 2 decades and has got a team of over 60+ dedicated professionals. 

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