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How to Establish Credibility In Business

The Essential Component of sales to succeed for profit-making marketing is to build credibility with your clients, with increased customer engagement. The customer is progressively taken into confidence with full masterly stroke, employing the scientific technique of entire concept of Sales.

More specifically, focus on the betterment of the Customer-Client relationship. It is better to get oneself abreast with the scientific development in the relevant fields having bearing on the improved customer's satisfaction. This would build up the conviction in the mind of the customer, with better and higher growth on the horizon, hitherto, seemingly trapped in the stagnant growth.

There are various methodologies to build customer relationship for effective sales. So, the mastery of sales technique mentioned here put in upper echelons of professionalism.
This very concept of “How to build credibility with your clients”, actually go for a very long lasting sustainable credible relationship in maintaining a mutual trust. This process start with
a)  Pre-Sales
b) Negotiation Process
c) Sales
d) After Sales Service.
After each of the respective processes, the very concept of 'build credibility' gets denser with increased responsibilities to deliver and meet the demanding situation unfolding at every stage of Sales.

So, here is the a) Pre-Sales & b) Negotiation Process which follows below.  These are one of the most prominent ways to have improved credibility with customers.

1. Look for your Prospective Customer-Clients

It is better to have hot prospecting about your Customer-Client in the field of your interest. Their profiles should be mapped and followed up in the convenient time of the customer, with their pre-appointment. The punctuality must be adhered to prove your astute business professionalism. The departmental structures of the company should be known. The Management authority hierarchy and flow of decision-making authority should also be in place to avoid repetition of negotiations and thus, the confusion. It is also very much recommendatory to know the annual budget and trend of purchase of the company to anticipate and employ the effective maneuver. This prompts the customer to show your efficiency of marketing skills. These general points are very effective to establish and forge the credible relationship.  

2. Make Way for an Instant Connection

A good gesture with a humble appearance should be a way to establish a connection with the customer. One should interact strategically and follow rule-based behavior as it helps establish a good lasting rapport throughout the dealing processes. If Sales expert Brian Tracy is to be quoted:  “If you mention or discuss your product, service, or price before you have established a high enough level of likeability, trust, and credibility with a prospect, you will kill the sale.”
You should be agreeing  to open market competition  to further reinforce and sustain credibility, as per  Nobel Laureate Late John Nash view of “Nash equilibrium,”       

3. Know the Exact Requirements of Customer

The knowledge of this actually helps you to reorient yourself in a good position and put forward the exact solutions, seeking the nod for an exact match of products under the consideration. And it is also essential to jot down the possible variation in the product, suitable to the satisfaction of customer as an alternative way to avoid any unknown circumstances.

4. The Growth Perspective

The case of sales and acquisition of a new product or new solutions by a company comes with the growth potential. Sometimes if it is a costlier offer, it should be propagated earnestly to put the customer in an advantageous position to wriggle out of the stagnant limitations. The product may have a higher capacity of generation and must address more problems in short time resulting in contribution to overall growth of the company.

5. The Competitive Pricing Negotiation

The pricing should be consistent in negotiation with all other departments engaged in purchases. It is best to position yourself as an honest and trustworthy person of your company. It enhances the image of your company as an ethical and credible business. You should avoid fruitless discussion about abstruse resolutions. Instead, come straight forthwith with firm determinations.

6. Psychological Advantage

Try to be perceptive to their suggestion. Your narrative about your business should appear dwelling in their tone. You should be under the command of knowledge of what you talk, without appearing arrogant and egoistic. One of the fastest ways to build credibility with your audience is to understand the frustrations and problems they are experiencing and be able to articulate them. You should come out with the probable effective solutions to ameliorate the problem. And most importantly, you should remain positive throughout the negotiating process warding off any negative feelings.

Image source: Annemarie cross

Here are the c) Sales & d) After Sales Service situation, which follows like this:

1. The selling of product should match the requirement in the best interest of mutual benefit.

Sometimes in the case of discrepancies of products or solution, you just don’t have the right solution at the right price. It is always best, to be honest with the customer, instead of proposing something which you know will not fully deliver the outcome the customer is looking for.

2. Always present the required matching features, advantages, and benefits of a product or service.

Customers are always interested in working solution with the potential of futuristic advantages supposed to enhance the profitability and quality, which becomes one of the important things to discuss.
Along with these other negative features, if existing, should also be made known to the customer. Only if the customer agrees to live with those deficiencies, the sales should materialize. And until the delivery is done, the customer should remain engaged at each level of progress of manufacturing, to the satisfaction of the customer. As it will infuse confidence and earn the loyalty of the customer.

3. There should not be hypothetical promise for delivery time:

One should not be in quandary and tempted to promise false delivery. Acceding to every request promptly, put you in a false position. Some sales professionals find it very difficult to say no to the customer about anything. Telling the customer that a certain solution with specific features and benefits will be delivered by a specific deadline when you know you can’t deliver, is a recipe for disaster.

4. One should not turn to unethical practice:

There is perhaps no brighter ethical line, sales professionals must not cross, than the one prohibiting off-the-books inducements.
Image Source: Model of the key dimensions of credibility (Fogg, 2003).

5. After Sales liabilities should be met within the ambit of honesty and best practices of serviceability:

You are the face of the company, so a moment’s reflection should persuade you to deliver on the promise you made. The promises made in the agreement should be implemented without any fuss.

If we, at minimum follow above guidelines, without being in dilemma, professional practice of sales and its prospecting is a guaranty of success in sales. This can easily nourish a credible relation with the customer and attract the customer’s loyalty for the future growth of the company. In fact, it is based on the game theory with the idea regarding the existence of mixed-strategy equilibrium. Above all, you must do what you say; when you said you would do it.  This one skill alone will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

A continuous evaluation of techniques and development of strategies, based on psychological research that helps sales professionals build credibility and deepen trust with customers, are some component of the sales mastery processes. You should be able to differentiate your organization from your competitors by creating a strong brand based on collaborating with the customer's engagement, in order to help them achieve their most important objectives, ultimately of growth and profitability.

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