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How to effectively respond to customer complaints

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How to respond to customer complaints

5 tips on responding to customer complaints:
  1. listen to the customer’s experience in its entirety
  2. apologize
  3. focus on the solution
  4. don't rush the customer
  5. find complaints before they find you

6 common customer service mistakes to avoid

1. Over-automation

It might be tempting to automate all of your marketing and sales tasks to cut costs and time if you’ve adopted automation technology, but you shouldn’t automate just because you can. Technology can’t provide perfect replacement of that “one-on-one” experience. Plus, different customers prefer different modes of communication.

2. Trying to handle customers too quickly

Most representatives assume they know what the customer wants. When they answer their customer’s call, they rush to give them a solution to their problem. This can disgruntle your customer and could lead them to resent your company.

3. System outages

The truth is, no system has a perfect uptime. Even the most established, cloud-based systems have their fair share of trouble when the outage monster strikes. The tragedy is, if your customers can’t reach you, all the midnight oil you burned grooming your business will have been in vain.

4. Slow turnaround

We live in the time of on-demand. Thanks to the power of modern technology, we’ve become completely impatient. We want to have a quick turnaround time. Your customers expect the same. Having a speedy response not only draws them to your business but can win their long-term loyalty, too.

5. Undervaluing your customer service team

Your customer reps are the first personal interaction your customers receive. They make up the face of your business. Unfortunately, they also tend to the be lowest paid and regarded employees. Sinking their morale will sink your business to rock bottom.

6. No complaints ≠ good customer service

You work hard to get to your customers. You train your staff to handle questions that run the gamut. And you’re not getting any complaints, so you should be happy, right?
Contributing authors:
  • Amy Saunders - Sr. Content Creator, Keap; Co-owner, Strolleria
  • Jennifer Leslie - Content Creator, Keap
  • Sanjay Darji - Software Analyst, SoftwareSuggest

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