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How to Do Marketing When You Own A Brand New Site (and a Tight Budget)

Marketing is a delicate act of balance. Most of the marketers end up pouring a huge amount of money into marketing and still get much less return on investments. Marketing thus, depends mostly on how you do it rather than how much you spend on it.
Many successful businesses have developed and earned great return on investments by doing marketing the right way. Every business once in awhile has a few budget constraints. But this doesn’t mean that you stop marketing, because if you do so your brand dies.

If you were living in a though that you cannot market effectively or creatively with a tight budget then it is time you clear your misconceptions. When you own a brand new site or a start up, money is indeed a major concern.
But you can effectively do marketing if you have a perfect PR strategy and advertising that focuses on gaining the attention of your business's’ target audience.
Don’t just rely on traditional marketing methods like old banner ads or Google reviews. You can use many other creative techniques to market your products effectively in a tight budget.
Here are some ways to do marketing that will easily fit into your pocket and engage your audience, both at the same time:

1. Make instructional videos to catch instant attention

In times like this where the average attention of humans has decreased to 8 seconds, it is very important to catch everyone’s eye in minimum time. And then there is no best ways than videos and GIFs to do that.
When you own a brand new site not many people know you as you are new to the market. So if you come up with a creative and engaging instructional video and popularize it through various digital marketing platforms, chances are that you will get a lot of mouth to mouth marketing.
People who like your videos will come to know about your brand and have an urge to know more. Though videos have a great deal of value, they must have quality content.
Consider example, if you are a seller of laptop skins, you can upload a simple video that shows how to stick skins on your laptops in less than a minute. This way you can advertise your product in your video and provide solution to the customer at the same time.
According to Cisco study, 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video by 2019.

2. Go social savvy on networking

In a tight budget it is important that you explore all free available marketing platforms. Digital marketing is not just a marketing platform but is becoming one of the most popular and hottest marketing trends of the year.
You can take advantage of this fact and create business accounts on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram too if you have a lot of pictures to say your story. These marketing sites are easy to grab the customer’s attention.
Another importance of exploring digital media as a marketing tool is letting your customer know that that you are visible and active on social circles.
Consider for example, a customer land son our landing page or website and read about you. In most of the cases, they will go back and search you on any of the social websites. Being visible on social media also encourages a deal of transparency for your brand.
You can use special keywords relevant to your business through your content to mark your presence in the online world.
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Marketing platforms such as facebook also facilitate your brand advertising by providing you a space at minimum cost.
Because most of the people these days have a social circle and actively participate on social media channels, you can easily advertise about your product or service at a minimum cost on these channels.
You can also post discussions, or share important updates or share the date and time of your webinar on your facebook page or twitter handle. If your business involves a lot of use of images, don’t miss out on creating an instagram account.

3. Focus more on engaging rather than selling

When you are a start up or own a small business your main aim becomes selling your product. You try to make a deal everywhere you go. But if you really want your business to flourish and out stand in the market you need to be a smart marketer.
Though there is nothing wrong with flaunting your brand now and then, it is important to provide your company some relevance and participate actively in discussions that are not focussed on your business.
Again social media is one such tool that helps you accomplish the task of engaging your customers. Consider for example if you are a seller of sports equipments you can re post about a recent football win of Manchester United.
Or if you sell pantry items, another way is to leave comments on people’s posts of food. This way you are slowly building your brand. Especially when you own a new site, building brand trust is important and you can do so by showing off your support whether to a community or the people/ community that you follow online.
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4. Set up fire with irresistible coupons

Another way to do marketing with a tight budget and get instant attention is to set out a few irresistible coupons for our customers. Customers love things that are free and won’t mind signing up to your brand or subscribing to your website if you offer them the right incentives.
Market research shows that customers cannot resist free coupons and every four out of the five customers use coupons regularly for both online and offline shopping.
Also many customers simply choose to do business with a certain company because they were given enticing coupons relevant to them. This gives you a huge opportunity to maintain a healthy relationship with your existing customers and at the same time gain the attention of other potential customers.
Marketing is not an easy task especially when you are new to the market and have a tight constraint budget. But with smart thing and a few creative techniques you can do as efficient marketing as any other competing brand in the market.
The key is to not copy another brand’s strategy and start thinking with a creative mind.

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