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SEO or search engine optimization’ procedures and practices keep changing. Hence it is necessary for entrepreneurs and businessmen to conduct assessments periodically. This helps in determining whether adjustments need to be made or not. Also, Google has become stricter with regards to the following:
  • Link spamming
  • Having a high a ratio of ads in the content
If the business website is not properly optimized, it will result in a significant loss of traffic especially potential and prospective customers from the search engines. Thus there is a growing need of a high quality website SEO audit for your website.
Technooyster is a firm specialized in SEO audit in Pune and has helped many websites to improve their performance and ranking. They perform an effective SEO audit before starting an SEO campaign for a particular website. This helps to create healthy SEO plan for the business website. Why should an SEO audit be done? This process allows us to identify and understand both the strong and weak areas of your website. Thus, it helps to find the areas of improvement which can help your website be at par with Google standards. How to do an Effective SEO Audit for your website? Here are few tips which can be implemented once or twice a year to help proper SEO audit of your website.
  1. Check on-page tag optimization
An easy way to improve SEO of your website is by bringing in onsite changes. Besides buildinghigh-quality backlinks a good SEO audit ensures that on-site tweaks will require a few hours of effort.
  1. Analyze weaknesses
To bring in website improvements in future, you need to identify weaknesses that are present in the area. Put forth the following questions when you begin the SEO audit.
Q1. Do the title tags contain the appropriate SEO keywords?
Q2. Does my title tag have only 65 characters?
Q3. Are the headlines or title tags written in such a way that they appeal to the website visitors as well as the search engine visitors or are they stuffed with keywords?
Q4. Do my Meta description tags provide appealing content to search engine result’s viewers?
Q5. Does each page on my website contain naturally written keyword rich heading within posts tag or <h2> tag?
Q6. Are the contents on each page of my website original and of high quality?
Q7. Does my website page include internal links which help to facilitate search engine and visitor robot movement?
Q8. Are the images of my website optimized according to the latest and best SEO practices?
  1. Check dead pages or broken links
Check for any broken outbound links or internal dead pages links that have already been deleted from your website. Identify them as they determine the SEO performance of your website. Install a tool which can check these problems automatically if your website runs on an e-commerce platform or a Content Management System (CMS). For instance if your website runs on WordPress, you can install the Broken Link Checker plugin which helps to detect and notify of any broken links. Another option to identify any problems in your website and resolve them is, you can navigate to a website link like and run the free link check.
  1. Check if your website can be indexed by the search engines
Besides looking for broken links, it is also important that the automated programs can easily access your website. Issues like improperly installed code files, hacked site content can result in the inability of the search engines to correctly read your website’s content.
  1. Examine your website’s backlink profile and compare it with your competitors
After checking with on-site elements, the next step is to check your website’s condition and also compare it with your competitors. The quality and number of links that point at your website determine your content’s performance with reference to search engine results. Use a link explorer tool like Majestic SEO  to do this. You will need to pay attention in particular to:
  • Your website’s link that it has received like press release links, directory links, social media links, etc.
  • If the links are connected to the content of your website.
  • If the links that are sent by the websites are reputed.
Once the above is done, you can also perform the same assessment on your competitors’ websites too. This could lead to backlink building opportunities for your future off-site SEO efforts. It also helps to uncover link-building patterns in your industry.
 6.Check the speed of your website
Google in its natural search algorithms prioritizes the website’s speed as a factor for the ranking of a website. For this you need to check the average speed of your website and also the time of page load. You can find out the speed of your website and find if it is slow, fast or medium by entering your website’s URL on Google’s Page Insights tool. This tool helps to analyze the website’s load times. It also provides suggestions for any improvements that need to be made in your website.
 This article helps you to give a general overview of how to check the performance of your website from a SEO perspective. If technical expertise is required to bring out these changes and improve your website’s search performance you can take the help of a firm which specializes in SEO Audit.


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