Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to Design a Blockbuster Email Campaign in Minutes

Everybody is addicted to emails. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a simpleton customer, the popularity of emails is equally rising for both.
According to a recent market research by Statista, the number of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019.
People are using emails for all kinds of purposes like for business, getting order summary on online shopping, receiving newsletters, filing complaints, receiving e books or special posts relevant to them, subscriptions, receiving offers on product and services etc.
The ever increasing use of emails for all day to day purposes have drawn businesses to create special campaigns to attract the customers with their eye catching and engrossing strategies.
According to a survey by Radicati, customer emails made up majority of US email accounts in the past year and represented 79 percent of the US mailboxes.
This is yet another reason that big businesses along with small and medium enterprises are using designing email campaigns to reach out to their customers globally.
The supremacy of email marketing can be realized by the fact that it is widely used by customers and incurs much less cost as other conventional methodologies of marketing. However in times like these, there are a few small businesses that shy away from taking the essential step to create a marketing campaign.
Some may feel that email campaigns are only for big companies like Amazon, Google, eBay etc but from my experience I have seen it work for small and medium enterprises in a wonderful and effective way.
Designing an email campaign can be accomplished only in a few steps without having to worry about endless hassles. I would recommend that you use email campaign creating platforms that help you send your campaigns to your customers within minutes.
In case you are wondering how to design an exceptionally blockbuster campaign that will not only engage your customers but also drive conversions for your business and help you earn high on sales, you are at the right place.
Here are the few steps that you will need to follow in order to design your dream blockbuster email marketing campaign:

1. Make a list of people who will receive your email

Before you send out your campaign to the world, you need to specific about the people who will be receiving your emails.
Statistics reveal that 70 percent of the customers want to receive permission based emails in their inboxes, which means that you need to take their permissions before your email lands in their inboxes.
You can start by sending emails to your customers. You can ask for their email addresses when you are collecting the customer data.
Image source: OptinMonster
Another way to get email addresses is to include a sign up option on your landing page so that interested customers and potential prospects can get in touch with you.
While you make your list do not forget to segment your target customers for better results.
Statistics suggest that segmented email campaigns are responsible for drawing nearly 15 percent more clicks on web links as compared to non-segmented emails.

2. Carefully choose a name and subject line for your campaign

This is one of the most crucial steps in creating a campaign. Naming a campaign is for your own purposes so that you can recognize it later in future. Name your campaign wisely so that you are able to distinguish it later, also in case you want to resend it to your customers.
On the other hand, settling for a subject line is the most important part of your campaign. Your subject line is solely responsible for representing your email.
Usually it is advised to keep subject lines of 50-60 characters length at most. The customer should get a clear picture of your email from your subject line. Try not to use spam keywords like ‘free’ etc as customers are likely to report you based on these.
Create an eye catching headline by creating a sense of urgency or being witty so that it compels the customer to open your email and read what you have to say. In case you have hard time figuring out a subject line, try leaving it blank.
This technique has also worked wonderfully and brought a significant increase in the conversion rate.

3. Track your email campaign

How would you know who opened your emails? The best way is to enable tracking for your campaigns so that you get a clear picture of your campaigns and are able to draw relevant conclusions based on them.
Once you have the statistics of your existing campaign you can make improvements and modifications in your next campaign. Tracking enables you to get as much data as you can from your email campaigns so make sure you don’t forget to enable it.

4. Form a template and write a copy

Platforms like have pre designed email templates so that your email campaign can get ready in minutes. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your brand and purpose.
Since they are easily customizable you can upload your logo and match colors to your businesses’ landing page.
The last part is to write the content that you want your audiences to read. Make sure you do not end up creating long and tiring paragraphs that are difficult to read.
Instead choose to add content in a bullet point format so that the eyes of the customer keep on moving. Also, don’t forget to add a call to action link in your email campaign so that your audience knows exactly what to do after reading your email.
I am sure it was much easier than you thought. With the help of these steps you can not only create different marketing campaigns but also create segmented campaigns depending on your target customers.

Thus, email marketing is easy to do and does not require much time. It does save your customer’s time as well. The customer does not need to view an entire advertisement in order to know what your brand is or what you are selling. They can know all they want just by reading a few bullet points of your email.
David Newman has correctly said that “Email has the power that other marketing channels don’t: creating valuable and personal touches at scale.”
So, with the help of email, you can boost your marketing platform along with creating an everlasting relationship with the customer.

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