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How to Create a Wedding Website by Yourself

Wedding is one of the most serious and responsible events in the life of each person. Preparation to it can last for several months and it’s no wonder, because this day has to be remarkable and special. There are so many nuances that have to be handled to make the holiday outstanding. One of them is creation of a wedding website.
A wedding website is a modern trend. This is a kind of an announcement of the upcoming event. It can be created several months before the Big Day and filled with thematic content during the planning process, including the upcoming events, venues, guest lists, photos, wish lists etc.
Wedding Website Builders
Such website can be used as a diary for a newly married couple and a visiting card of the upcoming event. It’s possible to upload videos and photos of the ceremony all relatives and friends will certainly like.
We have one life only and we definitely wish to preserve all the details of this memorable occasion, sharing our happiness with people we love. This is not to mention that having a website is modern and trendy these days. Reputation cannot be superfluous.
Having created a wedding website, you can mail a link to it to your guests invited so that they could be aware of all information related to the event instead of notifying everyone about the details in person. If you plan to invite many guests, this option will help save your time, effort and money. All the guests will be provided with the news and preparation details as you update the website content.
What exactly can be published on a wedding website?
How should a quality wedding site look like?
Listed below are the major points that have to be included into your website content:
  • Date, time and place of the wedding ceremony. A countdown timer should be placed on a homepage to make the information noticeable and convenient for the guests. The detailed event location map will also be useful;
  • The plan of the ceremony, including the list of the pre-planned events of a wedding day with time specification. General description of the program to prevent the unexpected situations and misunderstandings;
  • Contacts of a company and organizations responsible for your wedding preparation;
  • Information about the hotel your guests will stay at;
  • Photos and videos of the newlyweds as well as of the place, where the ceremony and the party will be held.
This list can be updated with regard to your needs. Publish any information related to you and your wedding – your love story, family life plans, funny moments of the preparation process etc. There are no standard rules here. Update the site based on your current needs and preferences, although, we recommend sticking to the list we’ve provided above.

How to Build a Wedding Website Step by Step

So, we have concluded that a wedding website is an important detail of the occasion. It is almost a must-have for modern newlyweds. Now, we have to decide what tool should be used to create it. The variants are unlimited. You can hire a web design studio, but you should be ready to pay much for their services. Taking into consideration that wedding preparation expenses are always impressive, it makes sense to look for cheaper and quicker website creation options. However, this doesn’t mean that your website should not be good-looking. Instead, it has to be visually attractive to appeal to everyone, who visits it. What’s the way out then?
Actually, that’s quite simple. What you need is a quality wedding website builder with a visual editor. Such systems make it possible for people, who lack web building skills and experience, to create appealing websites. The cost and time investment are minimal, while the effect may exceed your expectations. This is exactly what you need.
Wix Wedding Website Template
A wedding website is a kind of a visiting card. This is the simplest website type from the technical point of view. You can cope with the task on your own (or with your loved one, of course, which is even more interesting). Website builders generally come with the intuitive interface and it won’t be a problem for you to understand it. Creation of a website won’t take it longer than 1-2 nights of consistent work.
You will be offered a nice choice of appealing templates, hosting and the required set of tools to build a wedding website. These include widgets, galleries, maps, social bar, Soundcloud synchronization to install pleasant background music, timer etc. You’ll just need to write an appealing text, select photos and videos as well as to adjust the design to meet your needs and taste preferences.
Let’s have a closer look at the plan of actions to get the most out of using a website builder:
  • Sign up for the system (you can use your social network account to simplify the process);
  • Choose a template and name for your wedding website;
  • Edit the website structure and design (set up block positions, colors, fonts, titles etc.);
  • Fill your website with content;
  • Get a domain name (purchase the 2nd level domain or use a standard system-generated variant). Sometimes a domain name is provided by the system as a bonus;
  • Launch a website.
This list may seem a bit complicated for a newbie, but the experience shows that you should start working on your project to understand the basics. Website builders always provide helpful tips to prevent the potential mistakes. Just follow the instructions to avail the expected result.

Bottom Line

A wedding website is an important detail of preparation to this remarkable event. By creating it, you won’t have to worry about lots of problems, including the necessity to inform your guests about the details of the wedding day plan. This is prestigious, modern and effective.
Such website will contribute to the creation of the festive atmosphere. Your guests will appreciate its quality, while you will be proud of yourself and your loved one more than ever. Let’s face it: it’s always pleasant to look decent in the eyes of surrounding people.
Right after the wedding day, you will be able to post all your photos and videos, subdividing them into categories and galleries. This is how your memories of one of the happiest days in your life will acquire an appealing form. Try doing that to make sure that it’s simpler than it initially seems!

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