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How to Create a Perfect Landing Page That Attracts People [Best Practices]

The landing page is where your website visitors arrive after they click on your call-to- action, and where they will check out your plotting about the plans you offer and fill out the form to receive the offer.

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. A good landing page will target a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign promoting a particular ebook, or visitors who click on a Google ad to promote your service or product & promoting your webinar.

So it’s important to build a unique landing page for each of the offers you create.

For marketers, landing pages are an essential tool to generate new leads. You can make a landing page that allows visitors to download ebooks, webinars, Whitepapers etc.

It can also include sign up forms for product offer or demos. With landing page, you can target your audience, offer something valuable & convert visitors into leads.

Take a look at some stats:

According to Hubspot, “businesses with more landing pages generate 7x more leads.”

Landing pages with multiple offers get 266% fewer leads than single offer pages

So, how do you not only keep visitors on your page but convert them into leads?

Give a view to this article to get an answer to this question!

Things a good landing page needs to offer:

  • Your landing page must answer the visitor question, “What’s in it for me if I give you my information?”
  • Explain the benefits of your offer.
  • You should create a sense of urgency around your offer.
  • Make it easy to get the offer for visitors.
If you don’t want people to just visit your page, then follow some best practices. Here’re some best practices to build a successful landing page which encourages visitors to take action:

1. Design & Layout

When you only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s interest, a well designed & optimized page layout can make all the difference to a page success or failure.

Here are some elements of high converting landing pages:

a. Make your page’s headline clear & concise. A good landing page uses the main headline to clearly explain the offer and use a subheading for more explanation (if necessary).

b. Provide important details about your product or offer. Use the bullet points. Identify two to five things about your product or service that you think will be most important to your visitors, and mention them.

c. Use a clear call-to-action. The call-to-action (CTA) is what you want visitors to do like, Buy now, Sign up, Try the demo, Watch the video etc.

d. Testimonials is a great way to boost conversions, Let visitors see what other people think of your company.

e. Reduce navigation & link options. Create a dedicated landing page for what you offer, it will help you stay focused. As its name suggests, you should stick to just one page.

f. Use an eye-catching image or video which is relevant to your offer. Use the power of visuals because they get more views and can convert better than text.

Image Source: Formstack

2. Lead Capturing Forms

It is the most important element of landing page to collect contact information. Now collect information from visitors via lead capturing form which contains: name, company name, email address, phone number & some additional information.

Use a call to action button like “Download Now” for ebooks or guides or “Book My Seat” for the webinar.

Once visitors fill their information, they should be redirected to a thank you page. Thank you page is a great way to guide visitors to other valuable offer or material that they may be interested in.

  • The information collected by form should be valuable and relevant to a specific goal.
  • You should minimize the number of fields, keep it short. More fields = Lower response
  • Sending an offer or guide via email instead of redirect helps you begin to build a relationship.

3. Offer

Make a landing page for visitors. A landing page must offer the valuable incentive to be successful & increase conversions.

Visitors need to feel like they’ve made the right decision in providing their information. Provide something valuable which will reward them and keep them coming back.

Get answer of some questions:

  • Is this offer relevant?
  • Is it something a potential client would be interested in?
  • Is it valuable to a potential client?
  • Does it help them reach a goal or improve their business?

4. Analyze & Testing

  • Perfecting a landing page can take many revisions. Spend time finding out what works and adjust accordingly.
  • Users & market are constantly changing and a landing page strategy needs to keep up. Use A/B testing to test different type of landing pages.
How will you get visitors on Landing Page? here are some ways:

  • Share or post your landing page link or offer on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus & LinkedIn.
  • Make a PPC ad campaign on search engines & linking to the landing page.
  • Adding the landing page offer or link to the blog page or every blog post.
  • Sending the landing page as an email campaign to subscribers.
So, I hope now you’ve understood landing page. Just focus on some elements- Be clear about your goals & call to action.

Don’t make it longer & make the landing form easy & compelling. Keep landing pages updated in order to capture more leads. Keep testing.

Follow these practices, I am sure you will soon have a landing page that CONVERTS!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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