Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to Create Content to Support Your Customer Service

The marketing trends of 2017 have suggested that it is high time businesses ignored the value of content as part of their marketing strategies and customer satisfaction. Content is one of the most powerful tools that not only drives your marketing propaganda to new levels but also increases the level of your customer satisfaction.
If your customers are not happy and pleased by the content you create in the market they might not seem willing to do business with you.
I am sure many of us have been observing at various places that some people just don’t get customer service right. But it is time for businesses to take an extra step and know that appropriate and high-quality content can do wonderful things for them and enhance their customer service like never before.
It is because the customer service team of your organization is the one that knows the best about your customers. The customers come with all sorts of queries like issues with your products, advice, suggestions, complaints etc. This makes it important for your customer service to stay connected with the content team.
According to a survey by Sprout Worth, over half of the world’s most effective content marketers put out new content types for their invaluable users several times a week if it is not possible daily.
Many customers just do business with organizations because they are ranked much better in terms of their content in the market. However, it is easy to find loopholes in the content that a customer service provides.
There may be an incorrect piece of information, partial information or simply lack of awareness on a pending issue. Whatever be the reason, the customer service must, in all situations should be backed by great content.
So if you are having trouble figuring out the appropriate content in order to support your customer service, here are the few things that you need to know about it.

Maintain a blog content source

According to Paige Tibble, Customer Support Lead at Wishpond,
“Content takes the pressure off of me having to tell the customers and visitors exactly what to do. Instead I can make them do a bit of the work and figure it out themselves, by reading the tips and applying it to their own cases.”

Creating a blog in order to provide a better customer service works in many ways and there are a lot of things you can do with it. Your content is basically written to answer all queries of your target market.
Though most of your content is pre-decided or pre-planned and it is well anticipated what your target customers need to know before even they get to know it. Your content blog can work in a similar way for your customer service.
Your customer service already knows what your customer’s most frequently asked questions are or what is it that the majority of your customers need help with.
You can use your blog to introduce content like this so that most of the customers get to self-help them by reading your blog posts on their own. If you are using content for your customer support, it delivers a sense of value to your clients and customers.
content development
Market research also indicates that using content for support increases the chances that a customer will stay loyal and continue doing business with you.

Directing them to the relevant content

Many times when customers call you regarding an issue or a problem, they are looking at much more holistic approach for a solution. As a customer service team, you can easily use this as an opportunity to make them see your upcoming or latest relevant content.
Do you have an upcoming webinar on a topic that the customer is concerned about or an e-book that the customer might be interested in reading?
When customers come to your support team with their concerns, you can direct them or make them aware of your upcoming or latest pieces of content. Now, this works in two ways.  Your customers get the desired attention and they feel that you really care about them or their issue and second, it drives conversions for your business.
Also, it helps generate significant leads for your business. Send them your upcoming webinar, an ebook through email, Facebook page to receive latest tips or your blog subscription page where they will receive the attest insights to your products.
After all, people who have taken out the time to contact your customer service are already interested in your business and would be happy to learn more about it.

Be a bit personalized customer support

When a customer gets in touch with you, you make sure that they don’t get a perception of you as a robotic service or they are talking to robots. You need to add a touch of personalization so that the customers feel like you are actually addressing their concern.
According to a credible research by the Journal of Applied Psychology, waiters who returned to the customer tables with yet a second packet of mint for them, got a 23 percent raise in their tips. They credited the feeling of a personalized experience for this particular raise that left the customers happy, satisfied and loyal to that hotel business.
Just as the waiters are an essential part of the hotel business, similarly your customer support team is the backbone of your business. Nobody wants to do business with an organization that treats its customers with auto-generated responses or templates.
Make sure that your customers get to know the personality and uniqueness of your customer support team. Because this is the major factor that distinguishes your business from the rest of others in the cut-throat competitive market.
If used in the appropriate way, content can help create a great customer service experience for your customers. It is important to draw your customer service team’s attention towards the value of great content, as it leaves the customer satisfied and happy after the contact with your business.

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